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CON-ODYSSEY: CopperCon - Friday, August 29, 2008

CON-ODYSSEY: CopperCon - Friday, August 29, 2008
12:30am - Gave up trying to read by the light of my cellphone and went to bed.

2:30am - The power came back on.

9:30am - Creaturecomics.com partner Marty Lund called.

11:30am - Automated wake-up call.

1pm - Guests' Luncheon. I had salad, roll, water, London Broil, veggies and the fruit off the top of the parfait. Other than the parfait (which just isn't my thing), the food was great. I sat with Shane, Caitlin, other members of the constaff including the ConChair and special guest MaryJanice Davidson.

3pm - I brought the Spider-Man pilot script down for the charity auction. Then hung out with Mara Cordova, Patrick and Jen. We went to Coldstone's where I had a "Banana Split Decision" without bananas (because they were out).

5:30pm - Marty and Lexy arrived.

6pm - There was supposed to be a fan-guest mixer in the bar, but it really was more of a constaff-guest mixer. I had some club soda and bar snacks (thanks to Jen and David). I sat with David and MaryJanice and her husband, writer Anthony Alongi.

7:30pm - I headed upstairs to alert Edmund Tsabard that he might be needed for a panel later that night.

8pm - Did a panel on the Animation Process from Development through Post-Production.

9pm - That was followed by a panel on Gargoyles Sexuality. I left briefly to avoid Edmund, who was there to talk about BlueMugProductions.com and "Last Tengu in Paris". The guy's a jerk, but I'd recommend the work being done by Mara, Robby and Jennifer. Sign up for updates at the website.

10pm - With panels done for the night, we headed off for dinner. It was a big group (Marty, Lexy, Lanny, David, Mara, Jen, Greg Bishansky, Patrick and myself). We saw amazing lightning en route. The restaurant (another loud we're-a-nightclub-at-this-hour place) had great tapas, including tomato bread, cauliflower, pear, duck, potatos, skirt steak, etc. Lanny treated us, I think cuz he felt bad about the volume. Which was really unnecessary, but VERY nice of him.


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