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Charisma82 writes...

These questions have to do with your spin-off ideas for Gargoyles:

1a. I know that you are doing the BAD GUYS spin-off in comic book form and that you said you did that particular spin-off because it was next in your timeline. If Disney aloud you to bring back one of your spin-offs as a TV show, would you do the same? I mean, would you keep it in order and do BAD GUYS, or, since you could only do one of them, would you choose another spin-off?
1b. If you decided not to keep them in order according to your time line and didn't do BAD GUYS for the TV show, which spin-off would you do?

2. I know that you have posted up 6 different spin-off show ideas. Do you have any other spin-off ideas in mind that you have not posted up yet? I mean, do you have any other story lines in mind that could become spin-offs all on their own, but have not mentioned anything about them (for whatever reason)?

Thank you for your time.


Greg responds...

1a. Honestly, this question is TOO hypothetical. I NEVER have that much freedom to make those kind of decisions. I'd do what I could SELL. Not sell what I felt like doing.

1b. You lost me.

2. Yes. Including one I have mentioned once or twice, featuring Rory and Molly.

Response recorded on April 09, 2007