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New to the Club writes...

For future entries, I'll use the name Galahad. I figure after two entries, I'm not really "New to the Club" anymore.

In a previous entry, Anonymous asked "Can a normal human and Gargoyle conceive children?" and you answered "Not unaided. Maybe not at all. I'm sure Sevarius might like to "help". Prospero too." I guess I can see why Sevarius might like to "help" a gargoyle and human concieve, being a crazy scientist and not worrying about the whole creating an abomination thing. Not that a human/gargoyle hybrid would neccesarily be an abomination. Delilah probably wouldn't appreciate a comment like that, huh? Anyway, why would Prospero want to help a human and Gargoyle concieve kids?

Greg responds...

Why indeed?

Response recorded on August 03, 2007