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Anonymous writes...

Hi, Greg. Gotta question for you: Since Disney cancelled the release of season 2 part 2 due to low sales back in day, and as fans, we openly support the release of the DVD when it finally came out in 2013 to show how popular and profitable Gargoyles is and can be, I'm curious to know know how the sales went.

As Disney only cares for profit nowadays, then it stands to reason that they be considering Gargs for a reboot or SOMETHING is the sales are a bit hit, right? Do you think it's possible for you learn how the sales went, just to see the level of interest for your own show, financially-wise? I got my copies as soon it wasn't in the $100s after its release.

Greg responds...

I don't know how the sales went. I don't work at Disney, and that's not information they share with me. You're as likely to be able to obtain that info, as I am.

When you say, "As Disney only cares for profit NOWADAYS...", I balk. Disney the company only EVER cared about profits, at least since they became a publicly held company (before I was born). But various talented people at Disney - then and now - have always cared about more than that. It's no different now then it has been for DECADES.

And, to be clear, I don't want a reboot. I want to do more of what we were doing. I don't want to start it over, which is what a reboot would be.

Response recorded on September 19, 2016

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Drew Lung writes...

Hey, Greg
If Disney ever wanted to reboot Gargoyles instead of picking up where it was left off, would you resist it or try to get on board with it?

Greg responds...

Both, probably. But I'm not big on hypothetical questions. There are too many variables to answer it with any meaning.

Response recorded on May 06, 2016

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Anonymous writes...

You've said before that Disney is unwilling to sell the property of Gargoyles because they don't want to risk it making money money for somebody else...but that implies that they do in fact think it has the potential to make money. So what is their rationel for not doing something with it for all these years if they think it is potentially profitable?

Have you or anybody else ever offered to fund a project independantly and share profits? Would they even go for that if you did?

Do you see Disney ever letting Gargoyles fall into "public domain"?

It just seems greedy for Disney to hold on to the property with an iron grip so nobody else can use it, even though they have essentially forgotten about it - dispite the fact there remains interest for it by both it's creator and thousands of fans. If you don't think it will make money, then sell it. If you do think it will make money, then for god's sake do something with it. What is their problem...do they just not want to be proven wrong?

Greg responds...

1. Opportunity cost. No one at Disney (that I know of currently) believes they can make more money with Gargoyles than they could by spending money on other properties they own or might develop.

2. I have offered to fund and share profits. They've said no.

3. No. Disney resists letting anything they own fall into the public domain. In fact, they are at the forefront of the corporate movement to allow copywrites to renew indefinitely.

4. Calling Disney 'greedy' is both redundant and unfair. They're a publicly held corporation with obligations to their stockholders. Of course, they are focused on profits.

5. Yes, indeed, they do not want to be proven wrong. If an executive is proven wrong, he's at risk of being fired.

I should note that you sound outraged, and I'm not even a little outraged, even though I'm the creator of Gargoyles. I KNEW what I was doing. I was paid a salary to create something for Disney. And I knew they would own it when all was done. But without Disney, there is no Gargoyles. Or at least not the Gargoyles we all now know and love. And I still have hope that as time passes and executives change over, we might get another bite at the apple. It's not impossible. After all, for years we didn't have the comics or DVDs. And then we did.

Response recorded on August 06, 2015

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Sai writes...

What would be your preferred medium to bring back some of your work? Comics, animated TV/movie/mini-series, live action, etc?

Greg responds...

It would depend on parameters. Whichever would give ME PERSONALLY the most creative freedom and authority.

Response recorded on July 13, 2015

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Anonymous writes...

1. Did you ever worry that you would be approached to start working on shows you've done in the past while you were already working on one? (Ex: Let's say you were working on Young Justice, but Disney approached you to work on Gargoyles again.)
2. What would you do if situations like that ever came up?

Greg responds...

1. No, I should have such problems. I'm usually lucky to find one job. Having two I wanted that badly has literally NEVER come up.

2. I don't really deal in hypotheticals. The realities in front of me are confusifying enough.

Response recorded on May 07, 2015

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Darksuperboy writes...

The youtube channel watchmojo has just put up a video for its 3.8 million subscribers of ''Top 10 Best Cartoons That Got Cancelled''. it placed your works of art Gargoyles at #5 and Young Justice #4.

How do you feel about that?

Also how would you respond to their comment that young justice fans felt ''cheated and abandoned'' due to it unresolved plot points?

also since its seems young justice is still in the media scope after a year are the chances of a season on Netflix or any form of story completion still being looked into?

Greg responds...

1. Well, I'd prefer the shows were still going, but I'm happy we got the recognition and that folks still seem to miss those shows. No love for SpecSpidey, huh?

2. I think that's unreasonable, frankly. Believe me, I'd love to have done more episodes, more issues of our companion comic series, etc. But nothing is guaranteed to last forever, and certainly no one was "cheated". The fact is, the series didn't have the ratings or the merchandising support to continue. Our fans are wonderful and intense, but unfortunately not quite as numerous as I think everyone believes. It's still a business. And if we don't have the numbers to pay for the series, then that's a damn shame, but that's all it is. To be clear, I'm not blaming the fans; just pointing out that there weren't enough fans buying toys or sitting in front of their sets to keep us on the air.

As to unresolved plot points, would folks have preferred if, for example, Brandon and I hadn't put in that last scene with Vandal and Darkseid? We certainly could have skipped it, and one less thing would be unresolved, but I believe the show would have been less interesting if we made sure not to introduce any thread that couldn't absolutely be tied up at season's end.

3. Okay, there's no such thing as "story completion" for Young Justice. It wasn't designed to ever end. All of us who worked on the series would love to do more, but if we did do more, there would be still more concepts introduced so that whenever we ran out of "more" there would still be loose ends. And so on, and so on, and so on...

Meanwhile, I don't believe either Warner Bros, DC or Cartoon Network has any current plans to bring YJ back in any form. Netflix would be great, but if Time-Warner isn't interested in pursuing the property, then all other considerations are moot.

And "the media scope" is a relative concept. YJ was something special, but it never did Game of Thrones numbers, for example, not in terms of ratings or in terms of pop culture awareness.

Again, it doesn't give me pleasure to say all of this. But the realities are what they are.

Response recorded on May 07, 2015

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Craig writes...

Well, I just binge-watched all episodes of Gargoyles on Youtube to relive my glory days of when I was a kid. Thanks for giving me that show.

I know that the answer to "when are we going to get more Gargoyles?" is "Not up to me." But seriously, when are we going to get more Gargoyles! Right?!

OK so to my real questions.

1. Since it is up to Disney, do you know the process they go through to decide if a show or story is worth revising? I'm curious to know what their reasoning is for not bringing it back (I assume it has to do with the almighty dollar).

2.Related to question #1, what can we as fans do to help revive the show or a spinoff. I know it's one thing for us to ask for the show to come back, but that doesn't tell Disney anything. I know in the past you mentioned buying the DVDs. I've been telling my friends who would enjoy it to rewatch it on Youtube (and have their kids watch it too). Is there a certain # of Youtube hits they need before they will talk about reviving it? Or again, does it come back to merchandising?

3.Do you have a guess as to why it's not on Netflix? That's a way more prominent medium (in my opinion) to get people to watch a show and gauge interest. My experience with people and Youtube is that they want 3-5 minute clips, not to sit down and watch an entire episode.

Last thought, Thanks for your work. I just finished Young Justice season 1 on Netflix. Great work on that as well. I'm very much looking forward to Rebels, and as soon as I am employed again, I plan on getting your books (books if it takes me a while).

Greg responds...

1. I assume you're right, but THAT is assuming they've given it any thought at all. I'm not sure they have - not counting the occasional knee-jerk "No Thanks" that I get every time I ask. Otherwise, I've no real idea.

2. YouTube really does NOTHING for us, as far as I can tell. Or maybe they'd help if the numbers were just through the roof relative to YouTube, but that seems unlikely. DVD sales definitely help. Since the new DVD of Season Two, Volume Two is just getting released at WalMart, it could help a ton if those sales skyrocketed.

I should clarify that YouTube helps to acquaint folks with the show if they aren't already fans. That's a good thing. But the numbers aren't close to high enough to help us get MORE material produced.

3. No idea.

Response recorded on November 24, 2014

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Todd Jensen writes...

According to the "What Might Have Been" section of TVTropes, Disney briefly considered reviving "Gargoyles" in 2002. Do you know if this is true?

Greg responds...

Not to my knowledge.

Response recorded on November 17, 2014

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Morph writes...

If you ever get Gargoyles or one of its spinoffs on TV, do you have any specific characters in mind for actors like Steve Blum, Vanessa Marshall, and Lacy Chabert?

Greg responds...

No. Gargoyles has a life of its own in my head. Casting is very much secondary to character. However, those are all three amazing talents, and I love them all as performers and people, and I'd be honored to have them become part of the Gargoyles family.

Response recorded on October 23, 2014

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J.J. writes...

Hey Greg, have a few questions on the business side of things:
You've said that Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. insist that Young Justice is NOT cancelled, just not picked up. Even if they do pick it up how would that work?
1. You've obviously moved on to work on Star Wars: Rebels along writing Your Rain of Ghost series. If they were to approach you on continuing the show would you be able to? I mean you've said that you and the production team created a bible of sorts for future story lines and character arcs, so you wouldn't have to start from scratch… but that is a lot of work.
2.Would you continue on doing Star Wars Rebels while someone else worked on the show?(The Goliath Chronicles) Or would you still be allowed to juggle both shows? (As unrealistic as that sounds)
I ask this because unlike Spec-Spidey, which was cancelled for legal reason, YJ had no real reason to end. I'm sure most of us would have been more than content with a continuation of the comics set during season 3.
Lighter stuff:
3. Now that you've finished Spirits of Ash and Foam, are you planning out and writing book 3 currently or are you waiting on the sales numbers on the first two books to get the go ahead and get seriously started?
Thanks for the time. Don't have Disney XD so I'll have to wait to catch Star Wars: Rebels online.

Greg responds...

1. It is a lot of work, so it would all depend on timing. I often have windows of availability, and when these windows open, I'm usually at one or more places trying to get something going on Young Justice or Gargoyles, etc.

2. This is all too hypothetical to answer. I can generally do a comic or two while working on a series, if the schedule isn't too brutal on one or the other (or both). But I can't answer these questions in a vacuum.

3. I probably should wait, since the third book has not been ordered. But I have begun doing the research for Book Three of Rain, i.e. Masque of Bones.

Response recorded on July 15, 2014

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