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Rachel writes...

Hi Greg! I am such a fan of all your work!!
I just wanted to say that I am glad YJ is back with you and Brandon mostly working the helm and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us :)
(you don't have to answer this but do you thing you'll have an episode where the team just watches celebrity hockey?)

Greg responds...

SPOILER ALERT: I'm fairly certain I will not have an episode where all that happens is that the Team watches Celebrity Hockey.

Response recorded on March 29, 2017

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Masterdramon writes...

Gargoyles and Politics

I know that you generally like to keep politics out of this site, which is why I hope that this question isn't too out-of-line. All the same, I'm very interested in the role that politics plays in the "Gargoyles" universe.

What, generally, are Elisa's political views? Does she belong to a particular political party? And does she discuss politics with the Manhattan Clan at all?

For that matter, how politically literate are the various members of the Manhattan Clan, particularly Goliath and Lexington? Do they read any political texts? For that matter, does Hudson ever catch "60 Minutes" or any similar shows on television? How much do Elisa's political views (assuming that she shares them with the Clan at all) color their political viewpoints?

I'd also be greatly interested in any information you would be willing to share regarding the politics of other human characters in the series, most particularly Xanatos, Fox, Matt, Renard, and especially Macbeth. For that matter, what does Demona think of human politics (I expect that I can guess the answer to this one, but still)? :)

If you can't tell, this is coming from a prospective Politics major who to some degree or another views all things through a political lens. If you wish to leave these things up to the viewer then I would completely understand, but any information at all would be tremendously appreciated.

Thank you very much for your time, and I eagerly await the widespread release of the two remaining Trade Paperbacks. I've been trying to spread word of them (and of the DVDs) in the Comments section of Gargoyles-related YouTube videos; every little bit helps, I hope.

Greg responds...

Based purely on stereotypes of ethnicity and labor and location, I'd guess Elisa's a democrat.

I don't think politics is something that would attract Lex's attention much. I would think that Hudson, who prefers Celebrity Hockey to 60 Minutes, would feel lost rather quickly in political discussions. Goliath is all about the classics. I don't think Elisa's proselytizing much.

Xanatos seems like a likely Republican. At least fiscally. (Don't really see him or Fox as social conservatives.) Matt must be a Dem. Renard is probably a Republican. Macbeth... I don't think he's an American citizen. Demona... come on.

Response recorded on November 25, 2009

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The One Known As Mochi writes...

After searching through the archives for a couple of hours (while reading your ramblings on Future Tense...one of my favorite episodes, and also some past con journals from various people), I couldn't find the answer to a question I had in mind. My question is in regards to Hudson.

Knowing that Hudson is fond of Celebrity Hockey, would there be any particular celebrity he would want to see play?

By the way, Future Tense did a great job of keeping my jaw on the floor. I had to clean up a puddle of drool as a result. LOL. Aside from Future Tense, City of Stone and Deadly Force were also my favorite episodes. Want to know my top ten episodes? :D

Greg responds...

Sure. Sock 'em to me.

As for Celebrity Hockey, I have made a conscious effort not to include any living real life people in Gargoyles, so Hudson's favorite celebrity would be someone that to you and I would be fictional...

Response recorded on October 18, 2007