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Where have I been...

I can't believe I'm still answering questions from back in July.

Please have patience with me. I have been completely swamped working on a new series for SONY (makers of MIB & Starship Troopers) and the WB (the network of BATMAN BEYOND). It's called "MX1: MAX STEEL", and if I survive the production process it should be a pretty cool show.

Here's a little info:

I'm the story editor and one of the producers.

It's not the same job/responsibility/freedom that I had on Gargoyles, but it is the closest I've come to it since way back then.

The Executive Producers are Richard Raynis and Jeff Kline.

The other Producer (on the art side) is Bob Richardson.

Sue Blue is our voice director.

We've got an order for 13 episodes. Each stands alone, hopefully, but as usual with my stuff they'll play better in sequence. I hope they air in order someday.

As of today, the writing breaks down as follows:

1. "Strangers" by Greg Weisman.
2. "Sacrifices" by Greg Weisman.
3. "Shadows" by Lydia Marano.
4. "Sportsmen" by Jon Weisman.
5. "Seraphim" by Michael Reaves.
6. "Spear-Carriers" by Kevin Hopps.
7. "Snow-Blind" by Mike Ryan.
8. "Sharks" by Katherine Fugate.
9. "Sabres" by Cary Bates.
10. "Sphinxes" by Gary Sperling.
11. "Swashbucklers" by Jon Weisman.
12. "Scions" by Cary Bates.
13. "Shattered" by Kevin Hopps.

The voice cast is pretty impressive to, with quite a few names familiar to Gargoyles fandom...

Our five regulars...
Christian Campbell
Jacob Vargas
Shannon Kenny
Chi McBride
Lauren Tom

Recurring & Guest Cast includes (in order of appearance):
John de Lancie
Keith Szarabajka
Jean Gilpin
Martin Jarvis
Thomas Wilson (aka Matt Bluestone)
Edward Asner (aka Hudson)
Jason Marsden
Jeff Bennett (aka Brooklyn, Owen, etc.)
Julia Kato
Obba Babbatunde
Cam Clarke (aka Young Gillecomgain & Eric Sturlesson)
Thom Adcox Hernandez (aka Lexington)
Greg Rainwater (aka Natsilane & Coyote Trickster)
August Paro
Robert Cait

And that's just after having recorded five episodes.

The show is 100% CGI. We have high hopes.

In other news, I just attended what could be called my first GARGOYLE wedding. Marc Perlman (our music editor) and Laurel Whitcomb (our publicist) met at the Gargoyle Premiere Party in 1994. They've been an item ever since, and finally made it official yesterday. The wedding was great fun, and I was singled out as being responsible for bringing them together.

Geez, talk about pressure.

I loved it.

I will get back to answering questions as soon as I can. Hope this little update tides you over a bit.

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Ceira writes...

Dear Mr. Weisman,

This may sound like a stupid question to you, but I figured that if anyone could answer my question, it'd be you. A friend of mine and I are kinda having and arguement about eyes. Mainly Puck and Demona's. She says Puck's are blue and Demona's gray. I say Puck's are grey and Demona's black. What color are Puck's and Demona's eyes?


Greg responds...

Ceira, for once I'm not trying to give a smart-ass response. Here's the thing. I don't remember and I'm color-blind. So even if I pulled out the videos and looked, the odds are about fifty-fifty as to whether I'd be able to tell.


Response recorded on October 11, 1999

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Airwalker writes...

In HUNTER'S MOON 3, the date (September 28) that you picked for the confrontation between Charles Canmore and Demona in Paris, did you have a specific reason for picking that date or was it just chosen at random?

(I wonder because September 28 1980 was my 2nd birthday and when I saw the date on the screen, I immediately sat up.)

Greg responds...

My birthday is September 28th too. Although I wasn't two in 1980.

Response recorded on September 21, 1999

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Airwalker writes...

I know that you were only involved with THE JOURNEY in TGC. But in the episode GENERATIONS, the story had Demona completely alienating Angela, with the ending of the episode indicating that Angela had completely given up on her mother. If you got the show back, how would deal with this, how would you fix this?

Greg responds...

I have and will continue to resist addressing these questions at this time.

Understand, GOLIATH CHRONICLES was very, very PAINFUL for me. Besides "The Journey" I watched each episode exactly once -- a bitter experience each time. (And note: This is not the fault of the people who produced those episodes.)

I have no desire to put myself through additional needless pain.

Now if the show were to come back, the pain wouldn't be needless. It would be worthwhile, and I would gladly watch, even study, each episode again, looking for loopholes, for what I could ignore, etc. etc. etc.

It may sound arrogant, but I have no doubt I could salvage my continuity in its entirety.

But for now...

The only Chronicle that exists for me is "The Journey."

Hope you understand.

Response recorded on September 21, 1999

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Vanessa writes...

Ok, My question is not related to the content of the show, but the production.

1. How closely did you work with each of the departments (ie. writers, artists, actors, etc.) while you were making the show?
2. Who had the final say about what actually aired and what got cut?

Greg responds...

1. The writers and story editors worked for me directly.

The actors worked for our Voice Director Jamie Thomason, but I sat right next to Jamie at every recording, so I knew them very well.

The pre-production artists worked under Frank Paur, Dennis Woodyard and Bob Kline, and I largely dealt with those three Director/Producers as opposed to having direct contact with the artists. BUT -- there were tons of exceptions and I got to know many of the storyboard artists fairly well. Plus I had brought our (2nd season) lead character designer Greg Guler onto the show in its development phase. So I worked fairly closely with him.

I also had one on one meetings with our timing directors.

As for the actual overseas production artists. People like Roy, I had no real contact with them. Mostly I left that to Frank, though I occasionally communicated with the head of Walt Disney Japan via FAX.

In post, I worked directly with everyone. Editors, Sound folk, music, etc.

2. There isn't one answer to this. I had a tremendous amount of authority on the first two seasons, but I did have people I answered to. Largely, they gave me pretty free reign. Frank had equal authority. We generally agreed or at least could reach a solution together. Occasionally, whether we agreed on something or not, a decision would go up the ladder.

Response recorded on August 23, 1999

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My son Ben wanted to ramble. He's two years old.





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OnyxStar writes...

Well, I'm so glad that this forum is back that I've completely forgotten all the questions I've been saving. So I guess the only one I have is kind of general.

I know you've stated before (though not in so many words) that you believe in God. (I do, too). I'm going to be as vague as possible, but in a novel I have started I have a magic-user who is also a religious person. A friend of mine seems to think that this is a paradox, that all magic is inherently contradictory with God. My friend is a very religious person and I'm sure she knows better than I do (her father is a minister, for goodness' sake!), but to me there's no contradiction. Have you ever met with that problem? How do you view magic in relation to religion?

I realize that that's kind of a 'loaded question,' so you don't have to answer if you don't want to do so. But I'm curious what your opinion is. Thanks! ;-)

Greg responds...


"All things are true..." as Luna would say.

I believe in magic up to a point, and I see no conflict in that with my belief in God.

But, and this is important, I don't believe in a petty god. Or, despite the Bible, a jealous one.

I can see how those who do would find conflict where I see none.

Response recorded on August 21, 1999

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Trey Palmer writes...

What are you up to these days, and aside from convention appearances and this, how has it affected your professional life?

Greg responds...

Currently, I'm writing, story editing and producing a new television series for SONY, the WB and Mattel. This is AFTER having finished my stint on STARSHIP TROOPERS which will premier in syndication this month. On the latter, I story edited ten out of the forty episodes (#16-20 & #36-40). The writers on my two arcs were myself, Jon Weisman, Lydia Marano, Cary Bates and Michael Reaves.

On my current series I'm using all of the above plus Gary Sperling, Kevin Hopps, Mike Ryan and Katherine Fugate.

The current series will premier in January, 2000.

As for you're second question, I'm unclear on the antecedent of "it". You mean my current work? Or Gargoyles?

Response recorded on August 21, 1999

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Ethan Webb Long writes...

Are you a gargoil. wich one if so. I'm your bigest fan in the world.

Greg responds...

No. And thanks.

Response recorded on August 17, 1999

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kathy writes...

Hi Greg,

It sounds like this year is treating you pretty well (except for the back. Ouch, done that. Does your chiropractor have you exercising along with those adjustments?)

Anyway, here are some change of pace questions (just in case you can't remember when Fox got her pilot's licence. j/k)

1. You've got all afternoon and a full tank of gas. Do you head for the beach, the mountains or the desert?

2. What part of the newspaper do you read first?

3A. Which fad or trend have you seriously considered trying out?
3B Which one do you wish would go away?

4. What is your favorite fast food restaurant?

5. What person, place or landmark sums up Southern California for you. Why?

6. If someone else hadn't beaten you to it, which fictional character do you wish you could have created?

Best wishes,

Greg responds...

Hey, Kathy. Doubt this will be very interesting, but:

My chiropractor has given me exercises. But I'm a slug most of time.

1. That question just doesn't work for me. My mind doesn't function that way.

2. Generally, the front section.

3 a & b. I can't think of any at this moment.

4. Carney's.

5. Nothing sums up So Cal. Nothing's that simple.

6. Again, my mind doesn't quite work that way. But I do remember a tv show called STRANGE LUCK, or something like that, starring D.B. Sweeney. I thought that concept was brilliant, and I was extremely jealous of it. Unfortunately, it only lasted one season.

Response recorded on August 17, 1999

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