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Anonymous writes...

how would a gargoyle survive in space?
In 2198 how is demona and zafiro going to survive in space with there special non-stone sleep circumstances? (i.e. demonas spell, zafiros amulet)

Greg responds...

I'm not revealing that at this time.

Response recorded on December 03, 2010

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I Love Guatemala writes...

You said in the archives, in regards to the Guatemalan gargoyels, that "while the pendants are keeping them flesh by day, they age at the same rate as humans." If Zafiro II has the saphire amulet, how can he be the same age as Samson and Delilah if the pendant makes him age at the rate of a human, which is twice as fast as that of a gargoyle?

Greg responds...

As more recent archives will indicate, I've since gone with the notion that the pendants magically compensate, and the pendant-wearing gargoyles age at a normal gargoyle rate.

Response recorded on October 29, 2007