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Matthew writes...

Just saw "Satisfaction." It's great that YJ is back. It strikes me that Luthor is acting a lot like Xanatos in this episode. Now the characters are of course similar, but some traits seem particularly like Xanatos. The comment about buying a quality desk seemed very Xanatos. The comment about revenge being for suckers is undoubtedly something Xanatos would say (my memories rusty, but Xanatos may have said those exact words.) Actually, I always considered one of the differences between Luthor and Xanatos is that Luthor would want revenge. Now as character who has been written by different people for decades there's bound to be differences in character. Hell, Luthor originally was a mad scientist, not a corporate executive.

I guess I'm asking do you seem the resemblence between Luthor as you write him and was the similarites intentional?

Greg responds...

I definitely see similarities, but I see nuanced differences as well.

Response recorded on November 17, 2012

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