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JC writes...


Today you answered my questions about the beasts of the Xanadu clan & weather the Lach Ness clan were amphibious, & that those would be good questions to ask the biology panel at the Con.
Unfortunatley, due to financial constraints I will not be able to attend...but by the time you recieve this question the Con will probably be over.

Were those topics discussed at all? And if so, did you come to a conclusion?

You also said in your post that you were leaning toward the Xanadu clan having incorporated all types of beasts. If you have since made a final decision, and that is what you've concluded, does that mean there is still hope for the London clan beasts, or did they die out before the Xanadu clan had a chance to save some?

Thank you.

Greg responds...

I can't remember if that was discussed. And if we came to any conclusions, I can't remember that either.

I haven't reached a firm conclusion yet, but even if I did, that would fall into Spoiler territory.

Response recorded on February 17, 2015

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