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Dawna writes...

Sir, this has been bothering me for a while. Please answer, as I am getting desparate.

1.I live in canada, and I realy want to get the Gargoyles Comics, starting from #1. Where can i find them?
2.Where can I find the second half of season 2? I really want to see that happy moment when Elisa and Goliath get together.

Thank you for listening, although I'm sure you get millions of these each day.

Greg responds...

1. I don't have any brilliant answers for you, beyond the obvious. Try Amazon, try SLG.

2. You can't. Not right now, but I'm working on it, and I promise to keep you posted.

Response recorded on December 10, 2007

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Jonny Modlin writes...

I enjoyed reading Gargoyles Bad Guys#1 and I like the show of Gargoyles on DVD and the comic books along with spin offs!

Greg responds...

Thanks, Jonny.

Response recorded on December 10, 2007

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KingCobra_582 writes...

Picked up Bad Guys #1 (along with Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash #2) yesterday.

I really loved the artwork here. Props to Karine for her talents, and she really captured the characters (I really loved that panel with The Pack!) beautifully. It was a little tough seeing it in black and white, but I'd already known that the comic would be, so I got used to it by page #2.

The story was great. Loved Dingo's interaction with Hunter. Nice dialogue between those two. Really loved Hunter barely dodging Dingo's boomerang.

Matrix was/still is a really cool character, particularly in this issue. I liked that he tried not to merge with Dingo after learning of his past. lol. I really liked his design style. Once again, kudos to Karine.

Honestly, I expected the story to begin with the Team meeting and hooking up into a group, but I somehow wasn't picturing it done in a flashback sequence. Nice.

Fang, another of my favorite characters, had some sharp lines here too. No real one-liners that I can recall (are some of his best friends STILL half-human, half-gargoyle babes? :-P), but I still had fun in that department. Can't wait to see his bickering with the silent, sullen Yama.

Can't wait to see where this is going next, story-wise, in issue #2.

A perfect 10 out of 10, this one. What a great start to an already appealing mini-series.

And, by the time you probably get to this, Merry Christmas, Greg.

And my condolences about Abraham.

Greg responds...

Thanks on all fronts.

Response recorded on December 10, 2007

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

December 10th...

Talon, Maggie the Cat, Fang and Claw return to David Xanatos and take up residence at the Eyrie Building.

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

December 7th...

Columba is born in County Donegal, Ireland.

The Empire of Japan attacks Pearl Harbor.

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JanAlexandra writes...

Hi again Mr.Weisman
according to the provided timeline, Fox is 29 by the end of 1995.
is she already at the age of 29 when she got married?

Greg responds...

I don't know. I don't have an exact birthdate for Fox. But they got married on November 6, which is late enough in the year to make her being 29 likely.

Response recorded on December 06, 2007

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

December 5th...

The two Archmages reunite outside Avalon with the Weird Sisters, who have brought Demona, Macbeth, the Eye of Odin, the Phoenix Gate and The Grimorum Arcanorum. The three talismans are given to the "younger" of the two Archmages, and he is transformed into a double of his future self. They enter Avalon and prepare to attack its inhabitants.

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Matt writes...

My Review For Bad Guys #1, "Strangers"...

- Alright, first lets talk about the cover. I like the improvements we saw over the preview of this cover from a couple months ago. The title is good, with a mention of Gargoyles to ensure this is the same universe, but the "Bad Guys" is larger and the lettering is unique, I'm glad. I also like the art itself. Matrix is well drawn and I can only imagine the difficulties of drawing this silvery solid shiny dude and making it look good in 2D, but both in the cover and in the book he looks great. Now as for the concept of the cover itself... well, the idea of the wanted poster is cool, but I'm not sure it was a great choice for the first book especially. You've got a Gargoyles-related media that is going to be in black & white for the first time, but you at least get colored covers and... you go for almost an entirely brown and gray cover? I'm generally a fan of more dynamic covers anyway, but this is particularly frustrating. Having Matrix as the first cover featured Squad member wouldn't have been my first choice either. He's a very cool character, but he is kinda bland to just look at him in mug shots. And the fact that the shots are black in white isn't great either. For all new readers know, Matrix is bright pink. Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on the cover, the art is good, and although not particularly dynamic it does grab your attention, I suppose. And it isn't entirely colorless, as my friend Ryan pointed out. Thank goodness for those pushpins.

- Moving on to the art in the book itself, well it is really, really great. I know a lot of people wished that Karine was doing the art on the main Gargoyles book, but honestly, I think Bad Guys is better for her. I think her skills are outstanding, but I tend to think she draws animals and humans better than gargoyles. I didn't love how Yama looked, but he was only in three frames, so I'll keep an open mind for Issue #2. On the other hand, the humans look great. Matrix, as I said, is extremely well done, and Fang looks way better than he did at any time in the series. The Thylacines look anatomically perfect, right down to their impressively expansive jaws. The biologist in me was thrilled to see them at all, and even more thrilled to see them so perfectly depicted. And kudos to Greg for thinking to include them. I'm glad everyone is doing their research.

- So we start out in medias res. It appears to be the adaption of a scene from the famous Bad Guys Leica Reel. I like how the Squad has their own uniforms, and I'm particularly fond of Fang's little shorts (like I said, I love how he was drawn). Matrix's morphing throughout the issue is very well shown, as are the fight scenes. It takes a lot of skill to show such dynamic movements in a comic book, and I had no trouble following the action. The little scene between Dingo and Hunter at the beginning is a lot of fun, though I think it plays better in the leica reel. As for the explosive cliffhanger, I think many Gathering attendees know how that one is gonna play out, still really fun though.

- Back two months and down under we get our first new villain. Tazmanian Tiger comes off as a very fun traditional comic book bad guy here, which is great cuz that is just what Dingo and Matrix need to show us what they've been up to since "Walkabout". One thing confuses me though. T. Tiger says, "Congratulations. You're the first to behold [me]." Implying this villain is making his first appearance, but he also seems to know exactly who Dingo is when Dingo and Matrix show up, even with the concealing armor. Has Taz seen this pair before? Doesn't seem like it, and yet it's implied. Guess we'll see what happens. I have no doubt we'll see Tazmanian Tiger again, and I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking up some possible storylines in his future. Anyway, I like him. Plus, I get a vibe from him... if you know what I mean.

- We get much more of the Dingo-Matrix partnership and how it works. Matrix is great. He is so driven (or obsessed) with this whole Law and Order thing. That goes right along with his character development. He is sentient, sure, and he's obviously intelligent, but he is also a very simple thinker. He can't help it, he was programmed that way. He had an objective, he has modified it slightly, but it is still his main objective. It'll be a lot of fun to watch his development. I was also pleased for the Shaman's return cameo. I like that Dingo and him have an ongoing relationship.

- We don't get to know how or why Hunter is here exactly (though the hardcore fans more or less know), and it'll be fun to go back and fill in that blank eventually. I think a great point made in this story is that all actions have consequences. Even though Dingo has become a "super"hero in Australia, he is still a wanted man back in the States. He can't pretend that part of his life never happened. So while he may be the most heroic of the Bad Guys (maybe), he still has his skeletons...

- Fantastic writing, as usual. Some of my favorite lines:

Tazmanian Tiger: "They've been extinct for sixty years so you can imagine how hungry they are!"

Dingo: "Look I've gone the super-villain route..."
Hunter: "Who hasn't?"

Oh, and I thought the last "letters" page being titled "Wanted, Posters!" was brilliant wit. Got a laugh out of me.

- Anyway, to sum it up here: A fantastic first step on what looks to be a fun series. I especially look forward to seeing the Ishimura Clan again on the Great Tengu Hunt. Always looked forward to seeing more of Sora in particular, and her interesting relationship with Yama. More of that next time. Great job everybody and thanks!

Greg responds...

Just because it was TT's first appearance, doesn't mean it was Dingo's. He's famous.

Response recorded on December 04, 2007

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David writes...

Hey Greg,
I bought Bad Guys #1 today. Great story. And the artwork was far batter the I thought it would be. The black and white thing really worried me, but after the first page or two I hardly noticed. Seriously, if anyone reading this is holding off on buying the book for that reason trust me and give it a chance. Just one question, though. Robyn allludes to destroying Matrix and she disables him pretty efficiently. Is Matrix really that vunerable, or are we to infer that Robyn knows someone who has even better weaponry then Xanatos and Fox? If it's the latter, I can't wait to see what else she has up her sleeve. Great fight scene between she and Dingo in Australia, by the way.

Thanks for giving us all a chance to finally see these stories,


Greg responds...

You're welcome. Matrix isn't invulnerable, which doesn't mean he's easy pickings, either.

Response recorded on December 04, 2007

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dph writes...

My review of Bad Guys Issue #1

I recognized the opening from the Leica Reel that I saw at the 2006 Gathering. That's a good place to start, in the middle of things. Page 2, in the middle frame in the confrontation between Dingo and Hunter, Dingo's head seems to grow a bit bigger than in the frame before or after. After the confrontation with the missiles, we flash back to the recruitment of Dingo. I was kinda hoping to see Hunter's recruitment first, but oh well. Then we see the Tazmanian Tiger, with his own super-villain costume. I like it how Matrix . . umm . . 'tames' the tigers. That's a nice reminder of Matrix's abilities. Dingo flying away superman style sounds right, because he still doesn't want to get caught. Dingo complaining of feeling pain from Matrix sounds right. No pain, no gain and that is a partnership. I'm guessing Robyn had her helicopter ready and was ready to follow Dingo as soon as he left so they could have a conversation. Dingo being beat by Hunter reminds me of a line from "The Pack" that Dingo said: "This job is cushy, but flabby as I am now, I probably couldn't last a week in a South American war". Dingo, indeed, was gone soft, from his day's past. Hunter pulling out an EM pulse grenade makes it clear that she's well informed. Not many people know about Matrix. Also, it's nice for somebody prepared to expose one of Matrix's weaknesses. I guess it really isn't surprise for Matrix to join, when you consider that he's still naive in the ways of the world. Dingo, understandablly, is relunctant to join.

Overall, I enjoyed the story. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the team is recruited.

Greg responds...

We'll try to keep it interesting...

Response recorded on December 04, 2007

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