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A Thought Exercise

So as an intellectual exercise (and I promise that is all this is), I tried to calculate what would happen if TPTB asked me to adapt every Gargoyles comic I've written (for both SLG & Dynamite) into 22-minute television episodes. And through the end of Gargoyles Quest #5 (even though I've actually only written the script through Quest #4 at the time I'm typing this up), I came up with 22 episodes:

01. SLG Gargoyles #1-2
02. SLG Gargoyles #3-5
03. SLG Gargoyles #6
04. SLG Gargoyles #7-9
05. SLG Gargoyles Bad Guys #1
06. SLG Gargoyles Bad Guys #2
07. SLG Gargoyles Bad Guys #3-4
08. SLG Gargoyles Bad Guys #5-6
09. SLG Gargoyles #10-12
10. Dynamite Gargoyles #1-3
11. Dynamite Gargoyles #4
12. Dynamite Gargoyles #5-6
13. Dynamite Gargoyles Dark Ages #1-2
14. Dynamite Gargoyles Dark Ages #3
15. Dynamite Gargoyles Dark Ages #4-6
16. Dynamite Gargoyles #7-8
17. Dynamite Gargoyles #9-10
18. Dynamite Gargoyles #11-12
19. Dynamite Gargoyles Quest #1-3
20. Dynamite Gargoyles Halloween Special #1
21. Dynamite Gargoyles Quest #4
22. Dynamite Gargoyles Quest #5

Now, some of the above 22 "episodes" would need their stories expanded to fit 22 minutes. (Others would be hard put to stuff all their content into 22 minutes.) And the truth is, if someone said, each and every issue needed to be expanded to fit 22 minutes, I still think I could do it, in which case 22 episodes suddenly and happily expand to 42 episodes.

And this is all SO hypothetical, it truly borders on pointless.

But this is what I thought about during a very long shower this morning. And I thought I'd share.

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Gargoyles 30th Anniversary Kickstarter

So, have you ever wanted to read the old `90s Marvel Gargoyles comics?

Ever wanted to read the old SLG run of 12 canon Gargoyles comics?

Ever wanted to read the old SLG run of our 6-issue canon Gargoyles: Bad Guys spin-off comics series?

Or, maybe, you've read them but don't want to pull individual issues or fragile old trades out of their bags?

This is your chance to have another chance at these stories!

These issues have long been out of print.

The Marvel stuff was never collected, and had some amazing creators on it, including some of Amanda Conner's earliest work.

Some of the SLG stuff (both Gargoyles and Bad Guys, all written by me and all of it canon to the television series and the current run of Dynamite Gargoyles comics) was never released as individual issues.

All of it is hard to find, and can cost thousands on ebay.

Now, Dynamite is offering a three-volume set (which can be purchased individually or together) collecting the Marvel Gargoyles run, the SLG Gargoyles run, and the SLG Gargoyles: Bad Guys run. You can get them in paperback trades, hardcovers or DELUXE hardcovers. And there are a bunch of other cool rewards to choose from, as well.

Check out the Kickstarter here:


Watch the video, and I'll tell you more about it all!

But remember, we NEED this Kickstarter to fund, cuz without it, it may be our last chance to republish these titles. So help us SPREAD THE WORD!!!!


Greg Weisman

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Rachel writes...

I know you're not on top of the products and sales, but how come Gargoyles season 2 vol 1 is out of stock everywhere while vol 2 and season 1 are readily available? Same with the Clan-Building comics, even if I want to buy a used version, it says it costs $1000 on amazon. So is there ever going to be a re-release of the products with its resurgence on Disney+?

Greg responds...

I'm sorry, I just have no idea. I'm not consulted on these things. I've been trying to get them to rerelease the entire SLG run of comics for some time. But no luck yet.

Response recorded on March 17, 2022

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Todd Jensen writes...

I decided to reread "Clan-Building" as well, after rewatching the first two seasons of "Gargoyles" on DVD, starting with Chapters One and Two ("The Journey)).

The "hunting" analogy continues even past "Hunter's Moon" with Vinnie stating that he hunted a gargoyle down, and Castaway mentioning it (both specifically use the word "hunted").

In my "review comments" on "Hunter's Moon", I noted how it ended, in its final scene at the castle, on what went well for the gargoyles (they're back in the castle, they've made peace with Xanatos, etc.), with their being revealed to the public not mentioned. "The Journey" opens with it being made clear that their problems aren't that over after all, with the public's alarm, the foundation of the Quarrymen, and even Brooklyn raising the question of whether Xanatos really has changed that much. I think his sardonic "Welcome home" establishes the "It's not so happily ever after, after all" tone - in contrast to the way Elisa said "Welcome home" at the very end of "Hunter's Moon".

Greg responds...

It was nice to finally be able to do my version of "The Journey" - as opposed to the reedited piece that was used in The Goliath Chronicles.

Response recorded on August 17, 2021

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Clan-Building Review

There's a pretty comprehensive review of Clan-Building here:


This guy really knows the series.

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Laura 'ad astra' Sack writes...

Funny thing is I am about a year behind reading Ask Greg- it seems wrong for the reader to be behind when Greg seems all caught up!

That said in response to my review way back when the first comic came out Greg said:
"As for a shotgun in Manhattan, anyone who occasionally heads upstate to go hunting might have one. "

Yes, but not legally.

(sorry for the silly- but I couldn't resist)

Greg responds...


Response recorded on April 25, 2008

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Vaevictis Asmadi writes...

So everybody is posting their reviews of Bad Guys, and I'm still waiting for my order. I really want to ask my next "question" right away, but first maybe I'll join in the fun?

Back when I first go the DVDs (and watched most of the eps for the first time) I was posting my reactions on the Comment Room. I got out of the habit, so maybe I'll start up again with the comics now. Not long fancy reviews, just my scattered reactions.

So I can't say OH MY GOD IVE BEEN WAITING TEN YEARS!! Because I haven't... I think there were a few months after I watched the eps that I bought the comic. I forget. So I didn't wet myself with excitement. But I do like the comics. I've also never watched The Journey, so I can't compare these comics to it.

It is very different reading Gargoyles instead of watching it. I've never read comics at all before this, so it is quite an unfamiliar medium. The art is also in a different style and will take some getting used to, but I don't dislike David Hedgecock's style. He does good facial expressions. Sometimes the individual characters do look off however, Broadway is consistently off-model and it really buts me. Hudson looks green and Alex's hair changed color... though with Alex you never know, he also grew into a toddler in no time, so maybe halfligss are just weird like that. It was hard to follow the fight on the rooftops because of the darkness, but also because I'm not used to following action in a comic. I'm used to see it animated.

The story itself is kind of sad right now. The gargoyles were just settling in in Manhattan, and now the Hunters have ruined everything. The Quarrymen are pretty scary and the make me angry. And Margot Yale, she makes me so mad! She claims gargoyles are mere animals, but I can't help thinking that she really believs they are magical/demonic monsters. I mean, would she be freaking out like this, would the government set up a Task Force, if gorillas were discovered in Manhattan? People would get irrational but not this violent and paranoid. The sad thing of course is that in real life, people totally would react this way. And these are the "ordinary" civilians, I can't imagine what the religious conservatives are doing.

Matt tells people there is no known threat from these gargoyles, but I know that probably 2 or 3 people in New York actually listened to that...

Vinnie is so overly dramatic. "I hunted one down and got REVENGE." Then he's worried about "emotional trauma caused by the pie-throwing incident." XD The look on his face in that fram is hilarious, like he's feeling so terrible that he threw that pie. I like Vinnie, I really hope you tell us about his adventures in Japan!

Lex is so funny with Alex, with the kid pulling on his ears and nose and the look on his face. And I like the look on his face when Xanatos wants to give Alex a piggyback ride, like he's thinking "Who is this guy and what did he do with the real Xanatos?!" And ignoring a direct call from Duval... nice going, X.

The juxtaposition of Margot's histerical claims with the clan's real nature is very well done. And I like seeing Macbeth being an ally to the clan here. I think of him as a "good guy" even though he was real nasty in Enter Macbeth. He comes accross as so much more sympathetic in City of Stone.

I miss Keith David's voice in the fight scenes, but the voices on the show WERE distinctive enough that I can mostly hear them in my head as I read.

I like the way Goliath handles Artie's shooting at him. Short and sweet explanation (and demonstration) of the facts, but he also takes care of that gun.

Greg responds...

Glad you like the stuff.

Response recorded on December 14, 2007