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Anonymous writes...

I just wanted to note something from one of your previous question/answer entries. Laura aka 'ad astra' asked "about Titania and Oberon's son and daughter....Have we met them in some shape or form seemingly totally unconnected?" You answered "No. Not to my knowledge. (I thought I was sure.) I know who they are, but they did not appear in the first 66 episodes."

Here's my question. Have Oberon and Titania's son or daughter (Not Fox or Merlin, I mean the son and daughter Oberon and Titania had TOGETHER) appeared in some shape or form in the current issues of the comic series?

Greg responds...

"No. Not to my knowledge. (I thought I was sure.) I know who they are, but they did not appear in the first" 8 issues.

Response recorded on July 15, 2008

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

December 30th...

Macbeth and Demona attack the humans and gargoyles at Oberon's Palace, while the Magus faces off against the Weird Sisters at the Hollow Hill, and Goliath and Angela seek out the Archmage at the Grotto. At first things look grim, but Princess Katharine defeats Demona with help from Ophelia, the Guardian, Elisa Maza, Gabriel, Bronx and Boudicca. King Arthur Pendragon also defeats Macbeth, and the Magus captures the Weird Sisters, though it fatally weakens him. Goliath battles the Archmage, who uses the Phoenix Gate to bounce them around through Time and Space. But the Archmage cannot shake Goliath, and returns to the present, where Goliath succeeds in removing the Eye of Odin from his brow. Without the Eye, the energy from the Grimorum Arcanorum burns the Archmage to death from the inside out. The battle is over.