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Karlo writes...

Me again, I'm helping out the Gargwiki by getting years of birth for some of the human characters. Of course I'll be doing the ones related to Macbeth so you can focus on those ones. The people are Gillecomgain, Mail Brigti, Kenneth II, Maol Chalvim II, Findlaech, Duncan, Canmore and Luach.

Greg responds...

Kenneth II - 932

Maol Chalvim II - 962

Mail Brigti - 962

Findlaech - 969

Gillecomgain - 982

Duncan - 1001

Canmore - 1031

Luach - 1033

Response recorded on February 25, 2011

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Matt writes...

Do you have a name for Gillecomgain's father? There has been a request to make a page for him on the GargWiki and it'd be easier with a name.

Greg responds...

I just did some quick research (Kathy Pogge would be proud of me) and came up with Maíl Brigti.

Response recorded on January 10, 2008