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Tana writes...

my Earlier Q seemed to dissapear, and I'm sure it didn't violate rules, so I'll ask again.

In Future Tense (Goliath's dream) we saw a black haired woman that was (assumed) Captain Maria Chavez's daughter.

1)How old is she in 2036...in other words, what year was/is she born?
2)And is her father someone we've already seen from the show, or would he be a new face? I don't expect you to tell us exactly who he is.

I'm asking cause I always like Chavez, and Rachel Ticotin is very cool. ^_^ Keep up all the hard work GREG!

Greg responds...

1 & 2. I don't have this information nailed down in my head. Sorry. But I assume that the father is someone we haven't met yet.

Response recorded on October 20, 1999

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