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Vaevictis Asmadi writes...

Hello Greg.
This is a question about Sleipnir.

In 2000 you wrote
"If the legends are true, then Slepnir's mother was the trickster Loki, and his father was an actual horse. Making Slepnir half-horse and half-fey. (Which might serve to explain his modern transition from eight legs to four.) I haven't decided 100% if that's the route I'm taking in the Gargoyles universe, but the notion is appealing."

More recently when I asked if Children of Oberon can take mortal forms of either gender, you answered
"Yes. Remember Loki, MOTHER of Sleipnir."

1. Does this mean that (as of now/until you change your mind) the legend about Sleipnir's parentage is correct in the Gargoyles Universe?

2. If you do consider Svadilfari the father of Sleipnir in the Gargoyles Universe, was Svadilfari "an actual horse" (mortal)?

Thank you again for answering our questions!

Greg responds...

I'm leaning that way, yes. But this is all canon-in-training, until it's in the comics.

Response recorded on January 25, 2008