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Clan-Building #8: Rock & Roll

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KingCobra_582 writes...

3 months of waiting. This issue made it all worth it, and then some.



Nice little touches with Shari and Thailog, and playing chess, no less. Somehow oddly fitting. I noticed that Shari gives two different versions of the Stone Of Destiny's arrival in Ireland. Which version, in your opinion, do you consider accurate?

Nice reference to Cu Challain. Props. Will Cu make a return in future issues?

Also, nice throwback to 'The Edge' with Thailog's 'I'd fire you if you did' in response to Shari's offer to pretend losing the Chess game.

Nice 'Monsters' reference as well. Damn, but this issue is stocked with references and episode homages. Geez. :D

'Coco'. Heh. Brought back memories of the "Original Broadway" when I read that. Again, props to you, Greg.

Staghart seems like a very cool (his crack about the kitchen sink at the end? LOL.) character.

I suspected that Staghart (having not known his name at the end of #7, I'd thought of him as 'that deer-like Gargoyle') = Amp. Nice to have confirmation of it. Although, for a time, I also wasn't sure if Lex was naming Staghart in that infamous panel from #7, or if he'd found a stray pet or something. At least I can stop wondering now.

Speaking of Staghart/Amp, I picked up on a few hints of a thing between him and Lex. Though I may also be reading too much into it.

More narrative time-jumping. I'm having trouble keeping the events of this arc chronologically straight. But then, that just makes it more interesting. Glad it's not a constant thing, however.

Great to see Griff again. Fighting the Steel Clan robots. Nice. He's even more bad-assed in the comics then he was in the series.

Knight's Spur. Very nice name for their habitat. How British sounding. I like it. And I also dig the panel with the London Clan in stone sleep, too.

Xanatos is at it again. No surprise to anyone who'd read the end of issue #6, but still... what is his game? And what IS the obsession with Fox's shoes? How do Fox's shoes play into the Stone of Destiny? *scratches head* You are evil, Greg. Keeping me guessing like that. EVIL. :P

More legend telling from Shari. Nothing I can say about it that I haven't already in my #7 review.

I knew Hudson would escape his dismemberment (Coldsteel = heartless bastard.) but that last panel with Coldstone and Coldfire, out of the blue but I really should've seen it coming, was a great plot twist.

That's all I really have to say about this issue. Fun to read, great story, and the new characters (Staghart) seem really cool. Great twists and nice characterization (Griff rocks!) all sum this up into one neat, nicely-written package.

Bring on #9.

Greg responds...

Glad you liked it! (Couldn't tell if all those questions were rhetorical, so -- because I'm lazy -- I've decided they are.)

Response recorded on May 27, 2008

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