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Gabriel writes...

Hey Greg,

Watched the first 2 episodes of "The Spectacular Spider-Man" and I gotta say thank you.
Thank you for putting the humor back into Spidey, specifically his banter (the movies seriously lacked this). I like lighter toned Spidey. Drama's great, but I love the Spider-Man zingers!
Thank you for the jam-packing of continuity references- both to the comics, and between the episodes.
And I don't know if this thank you goes to you or Sony, but I'm thankful we're getting at least 26 episodes of this series.

Couple questions since this is "Ask Greg":

1. While watching "Interactions" the opening teaser looked vertically stretched when it aired on KTLA- was it? Maybe I'm still getting used to the designs, or maybe you guys were trying some low-angle perspective stuff, but it looked like it also happened sporadically throughout the episode. I mainly noticed it when seeing Conners or Brock. This is assuming you watched the broadcast- since you've seen the episode countless times already I wouldn't be surprised if you passed.

2. I enjoyed the theme song. Is that the whole song or is there an extended cut?

3. Will you post the lyrics to the theme song? Or since you can be a stickler for phrasing- What are the lyrics to "The Spectacular Spider-Man" theme song?

4. I'm not super familiar with Gwen's classic personality- the most I know of Gwen comes from Loeb/Sale's "Spider-Man: Blue" and Busiek/Ross's "Marvels" so is her characterization in this series a dramatic departure, a subtle re-working, or spot-on?

Couple observations.
I was a little shocked that MJ wasn't in the opening credits- until the scene with Anna and May at which point I went "Oh, there introducing her like in the comics, cool."

Loved the Flint Marko cameo at the start of "SotF".

Looking forward to both Sandman and the Scorpion (whenever they show up).

I've been seeing here, and on other boards across the 'net, that some folks are having trouble with the designs. For me, it reminds me of my initial reaction to the "Batman: The Animated Series" designs when I first saw them- I laughed out loud. At the time I didn't "get it." Now course I love those designs, so first impressions can be misleading. I personally don't have an issue with "TSS-M" designs- I've seen Cheeks' work on the Hellboy DTV's so I know they can be dark and dramatic if necessary. But again I like light and funny, so take from that what you will.

I don't have to tell you to keep up the great work, since I know you will anyway- but don't forget to get some sleep and take a break every once in a while.



Greg responds...

1. I am NO expert on this, but someone told me that if you had your television set to HD when they weren't broadcasting it in HD it would stretch it. Is that possible?

2. The main title version is exactly a minute long. The original was a minute and twenty seconds. But we're producing a new 2:30 second version for the first DVD.

3. I don't have those in writing, so I can't simply cut and paste them. But if someone wants to listen and make an attempt, I can probably proofread 'em easy enough.

4. It's our extrapolation of who the Lee/Romita Gwen Stacy was back in High School (as opposed to college, which was when the character was actually introduced into continuity). It's not for us to judge how accurate. But we certainly tried.

Response recorded on March 31, 2008

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