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Todd Jensen writes...

Was the Gargoyles Universe's take on the Holy Grail modelled on the Nanteos Cup? When the Grail gets a cameo in "Rock of Ages", it's depicted as a wooden bowl, and the wood seems the right color for olive wood. That matches the Nanteos Cup's description; did you have that in mind when you decided on that form for the Grail?

Greg responds...

I'm embarrassed to say I had never heard of the "Nanteos Cup" until now. So I guess the answer is no. Though obviously, I was following the tradition of it being the Cup from the Last Supper, brought to Britain by Joseph of Arimathea and kept at Carbonek by the Fisher Kings (leading to Pelles and then Peredur).

Response recorded on September 17, 2010

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Todd Jensen writes...

A few questions about Gargoyles #8:

1. Is the man crowning Arthur in the September 29, 500 flashback King Pelles? The clothing, hair, and beard look right, but his face has a different shape than that of Pelles in Shari's "Sword in the Stone" flashback. Or is that just a slip of Hedgecock's pen?

2. In Shari's account of Arthur drawing Excalibur from the Stone of Destiny, she calls London "Londontown". Is that a reference to the Disney animated "Sword in the Stone" movie, where the opening narration describes the Sword in the Stone as appearing in "Londontown"?

3. Is Lunette named after the Lunette of the story of Yvain/Owain and the Lady of the Fountain?

Greg responds...

1. Yes, that's Pelles.

2. Uh, maybe subconsciously. It's been some time since I last saw that movie.

3. Yep.

Response recorded on April 29, 2008