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WEISMANSWERS 2009-03 (Mar)

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Greg Bishansky writes...

Okay, so the second season of "The Spectacular Spider-Man" will be airing hear in the U.S. in March. However, Canada premiered it today. I saw it, and now I'm reviewing it. How did I see it? ::shifty eyes::

Okay, it's snowing, and I am reminded of why I'm glad I live in Los Angeles and not New York City anymore. I hate that weather. Spidey is pondering what to do about Gwen, when all of a sudden he's attacked by Venom. But wait, wasn't Eddie Brock separated from the symbiote at the end of season one? Yes. This was a nightmare. But a really cool one.

And this week's villain is both one of the cheesiest, and a personal favorite of mine. Mysterio, and I love this take on him as a faux sorceror, complete with "Gargoyles" style Latin incantations. I just love the way he's talking in this. Summoning tiny little gargoyles and holographic wyverns.

"It seems Mysterio is the master of talking about himself in the third person." -Spidey. Yeah... that's Dr. Doom's job.

Spidey jumped into the freezing East River, and I'm getting chills just thinking about it.

Is that Miles Warren? Keep the lecherous old creep away from Gwen, please. We all know what that will lead too.

And Peter gets reinstated in the Conners' lab. Money talks, all Norman Osborn needs to do is speak. I love how he's now playing mentor to a reluctant Peter Parker. This is going to be interesting.

I loved the battle sequences between Spidey and Mysterio. He's so cheesy, he's great. That's what's great about Mysterio, you can just go crazy and have fun with him.

Mysterio shouted "Fulminos venite!" and lightning struck. That made me happy.

The climax, when Spidey unmasks Mysterio, and has no idea who he is had me in stitches. Quentin Beck is more of a ham than Anton Sevarius. Like Mason said, "actors..."

"As the waaaaiiiiiter..." Beck needs to go back to acting school.

Liz is all over Pete, and he hasn't spoken to Gwen yet. Uh oh.

"I figured Jonah would never unclench enough to..." Was there an edit here? Feels like it.

And why is Norman peeling an egg so creepy?

Spot the voice actor: Stan Lee as... himself. Well, Stan the Dock Worker. Loved that.

Greg Weisman as, I assume, Donald Menken... he was Norman Osborn's bespectacled assistant in the comics for a time, and a Hobgoblin suspect. Nice Owen Burnett impression, Greg.

The Tinkerer finally speaks, and he's Thom Adcox. I love Thom, and I'm glad to hear him here. But if the Tinkerer drops his pants and kisses Electro, I'm going home. ;)

Nice cliffhanger with the Master Planner. Either he's Doc Ock like in the comics, or he's the Chameleon. We'll see. I'm hoping for Ock.

A good beginning for the new season.

Greg responds...


There was no edit. Pete was simply interrupted.

Response recorded on March 26, 2009

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