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WEISMANSWERS 2009-04 (Apr)

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Anonymous writes...

Dear Greg,

First, i just wanted to say Thank You to your team for making imo the best Spider-man show ever created by far! The animation and fight scenes are amazing, and the storytelling is very well-done. I've already seen season 1 and 2, and now my only challenge is waiting for a season 3 to (hopefully) surface! And also, i'm glad that i hear you do not care much for Carnage. He is a one-dimensional character and imo not deserving of yall's storytelling abilities.
One question. Do you think yall are seriously looking into doing the Clone Saga with miles warren in a season arc? It was a great storyline back in the day, and when they brought it back in the last decade or so in the comics, i thought it just kinda tarnished the memory of old with all the confusing new revelations. I would love to see your group do it right! Do you yourself like the old storyline (i think it ran from Amazing spiderman 129-149)? thanks for your time!

Greg responds...


You seem to LOVE to spread the Carnage rumor. What's your source for this? Seriously, are you making this up?

Response recorded on April 22, 2009

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