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Aldrius writes...

Okay, I'm writing an editorial for something, and it partially involves the Bastard archetype. I was hoping that you could illuminate whether or not my perspective on the bastard archetype was accurate.

The definition I was using for a Bastard was "a being formed from an unholy union that seeks reparations for the suffering that was incurred from this union. The bastard will also torture and manipulate others simply for personal gain or enjoyment."

Pretty basic, but am I on the right track? Thanks very much for any assistance, as usual, Greg.

Greg responds...

It's only half the definition, to my mind.

The Bastard is literally a pivotal figure between Good & Evil. He can (and often does) go either way, in his search to figure out who he is. Sometimes within the same mythos, you have bastards on either side of the moral fence. King Arthur and Mordred, for example, are both bastards. Both characters are searching for their fathers. Both are rejecting aspects of them and claiming others.

Response recorded on October 20, 2009

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