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Vaevictis Asmadi writes...

Hello Greg,

About the Third Race: You've said that a Child of Oberon can recover from anything, as long as they aren't killed. When Oberon was very nearly killed with the iron harpoon, he recovered in just a matter of minutes, which was quite remarkable. But he's Oberon, he's much more powerful than most of his vassals.

When Anansi was stabbed with the spear and "bled" of some of his magical energy, he appeared to die but escaped by becoming much smaller. How long did it take Anansi to heal or recover? Minutes? Hours? Days? Weeks? I'm not asking for an exact number, of course.


Greg responds...

I'm glad you're not asking for an exact number, because my response is "a while". It took a while for him to recover. I hope that's inexact enough.

Response recorded on June 24, 2009

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Ms Marvel writes...

On the garg wiki page for the Avalon Clan you have pics of fourteen different gargoyles? I love their designs particularly the aquatic looking blue male. Any chance you could assign them names? I know you have named at least five of them already you just haven't stated which gargoyles the names belong to?

Greg responds...

They all have names, including those not yet pictured. But I'd rather reveal them in the context of a story than just spew them out here.

Response recorded on June 24, 2009

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Forrest writes...

Greg do you think Spectacular Spider-Man will do good on Disney XD. I have been watching it every Monday, and the other days its on, (I tell my mom I'm sick, so I dont go to school, because its always on when I'm at school). So If you CAN, could you change the hour to like 4:00 or 5:00 P.M., instead of 9:00 and 10:00 A.M. (I'm at school at that time). Thank You

Greg responds...


I appreciate your love of the series, but...

I have ZERO control over the time period. I don't know what timezone you are in, but in most of the country the newest episode premieres somewhere between 4pm and 8pm on Mondays. And if you are REALLY skipping school to watch the show, then I'm NOT happy. Cut it out. No television series is worth that, including any or all of mine. It would be much better, if it's at all possible, if you could find a way to record the show, using TiVo or some other DVR or a VCR. There are also DVD releases. But skipping school is NOT okay with me. And telling your mom that you're sick when you're not is even worse.

Response recorded on June 24, 2009

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Mo writes...

Hello. I've recently watched the second season of Spectacular Spider-Man and I gotta say, this is the best cartoon to come out of Marvel. Spider-Man is an amazing character and seeing him get such great animation treatment is an absolute godsend. So thank you for that.

Now onto the questions:

1) I understand that the 3rd season is very under wraps at the moment, but I just want to know if you plan to introduce any other Marvel heroes in the series (e.g. Daredevil). Spider-Man is known for his encounters with other heroes and I want to know if that will play out here.
2) Was the revelation of the Green Goblin's identity planned from season 1 or did it just come about when season 2 was being developed?
3) Is there any character you'd really like to see in the series?

Thank you.

Greg responds...

1. Mo, I've answered this over and over. Please check the archives.

2. Planned from day one.

3. Yes.

Response recorded on June 24, 2009

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Thailog (from Wikia) writes...

P.S.: Forgot to ask these:

1. Why did Doc Ock go from shy to psycho after the accident? It has something to do with the neurotransmitter that short-circuited (or melted?), or was the traumatic event pushed him over the edge?

2. Was Mysterio a robot right from the get-go (in "Reinforcement") or was the real Beck arrested and then escaped, leaving a robot in his place?

3. How did Sandman, Rhino, and Vulture escape in "Reinforcement"?

Greg responds...


1. I think physical trauma from the "accident" played a part, certainly. But I think subconsciously, the key moment is when he cries out, "But I've been good!" right before the explosion. Now, (a) one could argue he hasn't actually been good, but (b) from his point of view "good" means obedient, subservient, nebbishy. And his "reward" for that behavior is, well, <BOOM>! So his mind rejects his past behavior entirely and does a complete personality 180. Otto Octavius was ALWAYS smart enough to be Doctor Octopus. Now he had the mindset to go with it.

2. Wouldn't Spider-Man like to know? (And you too, I gather.)

3. You forgot Electro and Kraven. Anyway, I don't think the specifics are too important. But I imagine that Rhino sank to the bottom of the river (putting on the oxygen mask/tank that Spidey gave him) and slowly WALKED to shore. Then busted Sandman out of the ice. Tinkerer had some of the Master Planner's men cut a hole out beneath Vulture and cut Electro out of his rubbery confines. Kraven, I think, just slipped out during the confusion.

Response recorded on June 24, 2009

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Thailog (from Wikia) writes...

Hi, Greg.

Sorry for using this Gargoyles platform to ask you yet another Spider-Man question, but this one has a constructive purpose, of sorts. I've been writing character bios for the Marvel Animated Universe Wiki and I have one question about the show's timeline that I can't seem to find in the archives:

When exactly was Peter bitten by the radioactive spider? In "Survival of the Fittest" Peter's teacher reminds him of the field trip hosted "last year" by Dr. Connors. However, judging by Peter's overconfident narration, he didn't have his powers before his summer vacations... So, he must have gotten his powers by the end of the previous school year, right? Late June? His opening narration also seems to convey the same idea.

However, and this is the biggest source of confusion, Uncle Ben died after Peter became Spider-Man and before school started ("Survival of the Fittest"). So that must have happened in July or August. Although when Aunt May speaks about him, it sounds like she got over it (isn't two months too soon?). Moreover, Peter doesn't sound too shaken up in the opening narration for someone who must have lost his beloved uncle only two or one month before...

Does that make any sense? Anyway, I'd like to clear that up for the sake of accuracy.

Great season finale btw, didn't see that coming.

Hope we get a season 3.

Greg responds...

When Mr. Warren says "Last year..." he meant the last SCHOOL year, not the last calendar year. So, yes, in my mind, Peter was bitten in late May of his sophomore year of high school. He DID have his powers over summer vacation. I think that's fairly clear from his voice overs. He just never faced any super-villains until September, the Vulture and the Enforcers.

Uncle Ben died shortly after Peter got his powers, in early June.

Aunt May is NOT over his death by any means. Neither is Peter. But we missed the HARDCORE grieving that took place over the first couple months of summer. In "Survival of the Fittest", May is -- largely for Peter's sake -- trying to put a good face on the new school year. And I think she's also not the type to just completely fall apart. But--


I think one reason she's SO oblivious to Doc Bromwell's overtures is because she cannot fathom the thought that she isn't still married.

As for Peter, I don't think of him as shallow, but you cannot deny he's had a TON of distractions -- in both of his identities -- to keep him from dwelling overmuch on Uncle Ben. Still, I like to think we've made Ben a strong presence in the show whenever possible (i.e. whenever we could afford the screen time) in episodes like "Survival of the Fittest", "Natural Selections", "Nature vs. Nurture", "Reinforcement", "Opening Night" and, of course, "Intervention" (among others).

I'd like to do more with Ben, admittedly. I had initially hoped to bring Ed Asner back as Ben once a season. But we just couldn't find room for a Ben flashback or appearance in Season Two. Hopefully, in Season Three. That's not a spoiler, by the way. I haven't got a specific plan. Just a desire to include more Ben and an excuse to see Ed again.

And speaking of Ed, how about his work in Pixar's "UP"? LOVED THAT MOVIE!!! And Ed's performance was wonderful. So funny and heartbreaking and everything. Seriously, I feel blessed to know the guy and to have been able to work with him.

Good question, by the way. Happy to clear this up. And much relieved not to be answering another "Has the Third Season been picked up yet?" or "Will you please spoil all your future plans?" question.

Response recorded on June 24, 2009

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Last Gathering

The announcement has been made that the current Gathering of the Gargoyles (the thirteenth annual) will be the last in this form. I'm saddened by this of course, but even more saddened by some of the vitriol I've seen toward the constaff. So I posted this at Station 8:

Hey folks,

Thought I should speak up. In part to defend my friends, I suppose, but also just to make my position on all this clear.

I'm the person who suggested we end the thing. Me. Frankly, I was simply horrified to discover how much of their own MONEY the con staff was putting toward the convention year after year... with it costing them increasingly more with each succeeding convention and with attendance falling at a steady clip. And that's on top of the incredible amount of hard work that these people put in. There have been other individuals and groups who have run individual Gatherings here and there, but most burn out after one year and don't do it again. This group volunteered their time year after year. Stuck with it when others wouldn't. They deserve praise, not scorn.

Are they my friends? Of course. Are they loyal to me? I think so. I like to think I'm just as loyal to them. Are they cliquish at times. Yeah. I've noticed that too. It happens with any group of people who work very hard together to do something and, frankly, feel largely unappreciated for their efforts. They get tight.

But I don't buy the notion that this is an impenetrable clique -- especially since new members join the group all the time. I've known some of these folks for over a decade. Others, just for a couple years. And even if you aren't admitted to this so-called "Inner Circle", what difference should that make? The Gathering is big enough for multiple cliques. Big enough for you to bring your own clique. The Gathering has interesting and informative events whether or not you're in ANY clique.

When someone asks "Why would I want to give any money to hang out with people who have no interest in including me?" I think the question itself is off point. They're throwing you a convention! They're including you! Does that mean they have to personally enjoy your company? Personally, spend time with you? That's unreasonable. You may be great. You may be annoying. I don't know. But they don't have an obligation to coddle you. Just to put on a great show, which I think they've done year after year.

And you're not paying to spend time with them anyway, you're paying to attend the con. Or not. No one's holding a gun to your head, but then don't complain if the thing isn't somehow able to continue indefinitely on SOMEONE ELSE'S DIME.

Don't get me wrong. No one is going to miss the Gathering more than I. I think there's some real truth to the accusation that the thing became Greg Weisman's annual ego boost. Because without a doubt it is a HUGE ego boost for me personally. Year in and year out, I have a blast. I'm treated VERY well, and I enjoy that treatment. I'd be lying if I said otherwise.

But it's not as simple as that. For starters, the reason that the con has consistently featured me and the various series that I've worked on is because I'm willing to do the work to help put the convention together. Frank Paur, just as an example, is ALWAYS welcome, but he doesn't always choose to come. I ALWAYS want to be there. So it's something of a not-so-vicious circle. I provide the convention with contacts -- and the convention uses those contacts to hold panels on Starship Troopers or WITCH or, this year, The Spectacular Spider-Man. All of which is an attempt to INCREASE the attendance by bringing in other fandoms and exposing them to Gargoyles. It's worked to some degree, but not enough.

I've also provided contacts for shows like Darkwing Duck and TaleSpin and Kim Possible, and we've had panels on those that I wasn't a part of because my involvement on those series was nearly non-existent. But I knew those guys, so I got 'em to come. I'm sure everyone would have loved it if I had gotten, uh, say, the Avatar/Last Air Bender guys to do a panel on that show. Trouble is, I don't know those guys. So no luck.

And, hey, I did create the show that we're theoretically celebrating. I am the guy who's fought to get the DVDs and the comics, etc. It's because of the fandom that I never gave up. But it doesn't change the fact that I'm the guy who never gave up. So maybe it's not SUCH a bad thing that I've been the primary beneficiary of the con. Or maybe it is. I'm not going to worry about it.

What I am going to do is enjoy the last convention. I really think we'll be going out with a bang with a ton of special guests. And, ironically, because of the low attendance the BEST FAN-TO-PRO RATIO you'll find at any convention EVER!!! If you can't afford to come this year, we're very sorry. We'll miss you. Really. But if you can, you should try, because once again, I think it'll be a great show.

But of course I'm biased. ;)

And as Jennifer pointed out, if anyone else wants to have a Gargoyles convention in 2010 or 2011 or 2198, no one's stopping you. I'm still willing to attend, still willing to help. Or willing to stay away, if that would be best. But I'd advise thinking long and hard about both the time commitment and the financial aspect of it before jumping in. Cuz it's tough. Not for me. It's easy for me. But for whomever happens to be the constaff in any given year, it's a lot of work and not cheap.

Now, I suppose for some people, all I've done in this post is prove their point. I'm tight with the constaff. They're tight with me. All true. But they've still put out an open invitation year after year to friends and so-called-foes alike. All they're really saying is that they're done. You think you can do better? Go for it!

Greg Weisman

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Clark Cradic writes...

Ever get any fan mail by overseas fans on how they reacted to their countries Gargoyles (Japan, Guatemala, London, etc.)? Did they like how they were depicted?

Greg responds...

Haven't actually. At least none that I can recall off the top of my head.

Response recorded on June 23, 2009

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Matt writes...

I hope you don't mind a 'Gargoyles' related question. : )

In "Awakening Part Five" Goliath tells Demona: "There is good and bad in all of us. Human and gargoyle alike. You should know that better than anyone."

Now, at this point, Goliath is unaware of Demona's history of the previous 1000 years and believed she was put under the sleep spell shortly after he had been. So, when he says that Demona should know better than anyone about having good and bad in them, what exactly is he talking about? Is he talking about the information regarding her involvement in the betrayal of Castle Wyvern or is he talking about stuff that happened before then (perhaps what we would've seen in 'Dark Ages')?

The reason I ask is because I am curious if Goliath had already become aware of Demona's dark nature before the Wyvern Massacre.

Thanks Greg!

Greg responds...

He's pretty much totally talking about the betrayal here, but the revelation of it may have subconsciously revealed things to him that he hadn't up to that point focused on yet.

Response recorded on June 23, 2009

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Ms Marvel writes...

If Demona really thought she and the Manhattan clan were the last of their species why did she keep trying to kill them? Isn't her motivation to save her species? How could she do that if she's the only one left? Did she know more about the other clans than she made out?

Greg responds...

Her motivations are far more complex -- and frankly screwed up -- than simply stating she wants to save her species.

As for what she knew or knows, I'm not going to reveal that at this time.

Response recorded on June 23, 2009

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