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Yojimbo writes...

Dear Greg Weisman,

I enjoyed the DC Showcase: Green Arrow short. I wanted to ask a few questions about it.

1) When Oliver Queen is calling Dinah Lance in traffic, the viewer can briefly see his call list -Dinah [Black Canary], Bruce [Batman], Clark [Superman], Wally [Flash], and Mort. Was it your idea to shout out Mort Weisinger, co-creator of Green Arrow?

2) I noticed a lot of green visually (such as in the baggage claim belts) and in dialogue (when Merlyn banters with Green Arrow about having him try to steal the limelight again), well I didn't have a question but just to say I admire that cleverness.

3) Was it intentional to reference Green Arrow's liberal ideology by giving him a hybrid car in the short or was it more to payoff an awesome line of dialogue when Green Arrow appears to save the day?

Greg responds...

1. That must have come from the director or board artist. It wasn't in my script, so you'd have to ask one of them.

2. Thanks. That WAS intentional.

3. Both.

Response recorded on November 02, 2010

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