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Anonymous writes...

Not a question but...THAT GREEN ARROW SHORT WAS F***ING AMAZING!!! Hard to believe a ten minute dvd short is better than half the crap superhero movies hollywood is putting out. Thank you and everybody else who worked on it for this.

Greg responds...

Glad you liked it!!

Response recorded on October 19, 2010

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Comic Fan writes...

I was watching DC Showcase Green Arrow. (Which was really cool by the way). I did not something kind of odd. In most of the other adapations I have seen of him, ke Batman the Animated series and The Batman, he cause people to become dizzy with his eye patch gadget. However in the film he was using his hand. Why such a dramtic change for his power source?

Greg responds...

You'd have to ask the director why he made the choice he did, but I know Vertigo has used the power in a myriad of ways over the years in the comics, including how you are describing it and by directing it with his hands and by using an EARpiece.

Response recorded on October 15, 2010

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Emily writes...

How hard was to come up with the story for DC showcase Green Arrow since you didn't have the same amount of time you have for a tv episode?

Greg responds...

It wasn't that hard. I had a pretty clear vision of what I wanted to do.

Response recorded on October 02, 2010

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Hey gang,

Well, I've finally caught up with the backlog here at ASK GREG. I'm going to take a short Ask Greg vacation, and then we'll be reopening the site soon... i.e. on the Monday (July 26th) AFTER San Diego Comic-Con 2010.

As always, I ask that before you post a question you do your best to make sure it's not a question that's been answered in the archives already AND that it's not a question that someone posted just before you. You can also try asking your question first in the Station 8 Comment Room, as the fans know a LOT of answers already.

We're just trying to avoid flooding the site with so many questions, that I'm immediately backlogged again.

Meanwhile, I will be at Comic-Con next week. Subject to change, here's my current schedule:

10 - 11:30am - Mecha-Nation signing at the Kizoic Booth. (We'll be premiering the first issue.)

FRIDAY, JULY 23, 2010
10:30-11:30 am - Brave and the Bold/Young Justice Panel. (We'll be premiering our first Young Justice footage in a mini-panel jam-packed with revelations!)

2 - 4 pm -Mecha-Nation signing at the Kizoic Booth.

11:30am - 1pm - Gargoyles signing at the SLG Booth.

3 - 4 pm - DC Showcase panel. (We'll be previewing some footage from the Green Arrow DVD short that I wrote.)

5:30 - 6:30pm - DC Showcase signing. (Location TBD).

SUNDAY, JULY 25, 2010
10-11am - Mecha-Nation signing at the Kizoic Booth.

11am - 12:30pm - Gargoyles signing at the SLG Booth.

Please stop by and say hello!

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