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YOP writes...

Hey Greg,

I'm going to hope that this isn't one of those pesky "question masquerading as an idea" things, but here goes. Any chance you've seen this? It's a fairly recently made mock trailer for a "Saturday Morning" style cartoon based on Watchmen by a prominent member of the flash community who goes by "HappyHarry".


You worked on Watchmen as an assistant editor and on several animated shows as a development executive during the late 80's/early 90's, I'm assuming at least some of them were of the "Saturday Morning" variety, so I just thought you might have an interesting perspective on the general idea behind that video.

The video is obviously a joke and exaggerated on several levels, but practically speaking could that kind of thing have been made in that style back then? Which is to say, would it be the kind of thing that would have a reasonable chance of getting picked up as a series, in your opinion?

And while I'm on the subject.

What did your job on Watchmen consist of while you were at DC?

Did you ever work directly with Alan Moore or Dave Gibbons during that time?

What led to you being the fingerprint model for Rorschach?

Greg responds...

I NEVER worked on Watchmen. I shared an office with Julia Sabbah, who worked on designing the book. And she used my thumbprints for Rorschach's criminal file because, frankly, I was there. That's the sum total of my involvement in the project.

And, no, I can't see Watchmen as a Saturday Morning cartoon. But there are a lot of cartoons that are on that I still am mind-boggled by, so what do I know?

I've never worked with either Alan Moore or Dave Gibbons. I met Alan once when I was 21 at San Diego Comic-Con (1985). Never even met Dave.

Response recorded on October 15, 2010