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Bryant Bradby writes...

from ptrunks19@aol.com

Hey Greg, I know this is kinda' off the usual topics, but when is Buena Vista going to release the Uncut Gen13 animated movie?

Greg responds...

How would I know?

Response recorded on December 02, 2010

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Dax Orbit writes...

I had a little look around the archives to see if I could find a recent response to this question. Guess I didn't, here goes.

I only recently heard about the comic Mecha Nation and the demo pages posted on KiZoic seemed interesting. The site itself displays the comics available, but the store doesn't seem to offer them. Is the comic out of print, or is there another site to purchase it?

Greg responds...

It should be available from Ape Entertainment.

Response recorded on December 02, 2010

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Blizzard Sprite writes...

Hello. I'm a first time poster on this site, though I've been browsing it for months, reading the archives so I don't ask an already answered question. I had seen sporadic episodes of Gargoyles when I was much younger, and so I never got to enjoy the benefits of the continuing and developing storylines. It wasn't until I actually watched the entire Gargoyle series over the summer on DVR on Disney that I got finally understood my sister's pure delight in the fantastic franchise. When looking for more information on Gargoyles, I came across this place. My question really pertains to characterization of a few characters, though I’ll submit the other questions separately so this isn’t constrewed as posting one question with separate topics.

One aspect of the Gargoyles series that really stands out is the diversity of the characters in terms of ethnicity. One of the main characters, Eliza, is of African American and Native American descent. I think that was one of the factors that made the series so good. The show was definitely progressive in that aspect.

1. I was wondering if there were any challenges in pitching a show whose main human character was of color?
2. Were there certain things that you weren’t allowed to do, or topics that were generally avoided, such as active discrimination and racism against Eliza or any of the other characters of color on the show?
3. Was there any doubt amongst yourself or perhaps the channel executives that Caucasian viewers would be unable to relate to a protagonist of color?

I understand the question might come off as offensive, but I do ask out of genuine interest.

Thank you for your time, Mr. Weisman.

Greg responds...

1. Nope. No problem. When we pitched the series, Elisa was Elisa Chavez and Hispanic. Then we cast Salli Richardson and altered her ethnicity to match Salli's. But there were never any challenges about either Elisa Chavez or Elisa Maza.

2. Nope. Though we preferred to address those things metaphorically, i.e. from the Gargoyles/Humans perspective, as opposed to Black/White or whatever.

3. Nope. Never crossed my mind.

Response recorded on December 02, 2010

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Young Justice Pilot Movie Credits

One of my peeviest of pet peeves is the way ALL networks (and I'm afraid Cartoon Network is no exception) shrink credits down to nothing. Bad enough they're only on screen for a split-second each, but when they're so tiny that you can't even read them when you freeze-frame on them, I think that's beyond obnoxious. So I'm going to post the credits here after each airing...

"Independence Day"
(Pilot "Movie")
Directed By
Jay Oliva (Part 1)
Sam Liu (Part 2)
Written By
Greg Weisman
Brandon Vietti
Greg Weisman
Line Producer
David Wilcox
Music By
Kristopher Carter
Michael McCuistion
Lolita Ritmanis
Casting & Voice Direction
Jamie Thomason
Starring The Voices Of

Jesse McCartney as Robin
Danica McKellar as Miss Martian
Nolan North as Superboy, Superman, Zatara
Khary Peyton as Aqualad
Jason Spisak as Kid Flash

Rene Auberjonois as Mark Desmond
George Eads as Flash
Miguel Ferrer as L-1
Crispin Freeman as Speedy, Guardian
Bruce Greenwood as Batman
Phil LaMarr as Aquaman, Dubbilex
Stephanie Lemelin as Computer
Yuri Lowenthal as Icicle Jr.
Kevin Michael Richardson as Martian Manhunter
Mark Rolston as L-3
Keith Szarabajka as Mister Freeze
Alan Tudyk as Green Arrow
Based On DC Comics Characters

Batman Created By
Bob Kane

Superman Created By
Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster

Wonder Woman Created By
William Moulton Marston

Martian Manhunter Created By
Joseph Samachson
Production Manager
John Bueno Diaz

Assistant Production Managers
Casey Sandin
Mark McClain Wilson

Animation Coordinator
John Roback
Lead Character Design
Phil Bourassa

Character Design
Dusty Abell
Jerome Moore

Prop Design
Andy Chiang
Jay Hong
Alexander Kubalsky

BG Key Design
Enzo Baldi
Jay Hong
Hakjoon Kang
Art Lee
Gong Peng
Jonard Soriano
Jay Baker
Tim Divar
Charles E. Drost, III
Jeff Johnson
Jae Kim
Phil Langone

Storyboard Clean-up
Brendon Clogher
Chrissy Delk
Christina I. Manrique
Owen Sullivan
Olga Ulanova

Animation Timing Director
James Tim Walker

Animation Checking
Jan Browning
Annamarie Costa
Chuck Gefre
Chuck Martin
Justin Schultz

Richard Collado
Jeff Hall
Gordon Kent
R. Michel Lyman
Color Stylist
James Peters

Ink & Paint
Kim Bowen

Background Paint
Mike Inman
David McBride
Craig Robertson

Effects Animation
Matthew Girardi
Jhoanne Reyes
Supervising Dialogue/ADR Editor
Mark A. Keatts

Sound Reading
Fred Salinas
Wilson Martinez

Dialogue/ADR Editors
Patrick Foley
Mike Garcia

Post Production Manager
Scott Shinick

Dialogue Recording Studio
Studiopolis, Inc.

Recording Machine Operator
Jeff O. Collins
Sarah Baluch

Post Production Sound Services
Audio Circus, Inc.

Online Editor
Christopher D. Lozinski
Animation Services
MOI Animation, Inc.

Animation Directors
Hyung-Ky Kim
Yang-Ho Ji

Background Director
Jung-ho Park
Joo-Sun Cha

Production Manager
Young-Soo You (Chief)
OK-Ki Lee
Min-Sung Park
Pan-seob Kim

Production Coordinator
Gina Park
Hyun-Jung Kim
Hyosun Ryu
Layout Artists
Jin-Seok Choi
Ihu-Soo Kim

Color Stylists
Min-Lee Kim

Byoung-Ryul Kim (Chief)
Hyo-Yoon Back
Kyoung-Hee Kang

Model Checkers
Yang-suk Kim
Ki-Deok Park

Final Checker
Nam-gyu Lee
Dong-Moon Chu

Gu-Han Yoo

Key Animation
Jeong-gil Lee
Jong-Jin Choi
Soo-Hyun Kang
Cheong-il Han
Hyung-Seok Jang
Young-il Park
Jae-Hyeong Kim
Hyun-ho Jeong
Geon-Sik Lee
Seong-Deuk Son
Yoon-Jae Ko
Jae-Bum Lee
Kyung-Ho Choi
Jeong-Hee Yang
Production Administrator
Nicole Martin

Production Accounting
Athena Wingate
Luisa Guzman

Production Support
Audrey Kim
Kira Tirimacco
Renee Toporzysek

Casting Administrator
Liz Carroll

Executive In Charge Of Music
Niki Sherrod

Business And Legal Affairs
Lori Blackstone
Bonnie Negrete
Joulene St. Catherine
Production Supervision
Bobbie Page

Production Management
Ed Adams
Executive in Charge of Production
Jay Bastian
Executives In Charge Of Production For Cartoon Network
Tramm Wigzell
Brian E. S. Jones
Executive Producer
Sam Register
This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States of America and other countries. Any unauthorized duplication, copying, distribution, exhibition or use may result in civil and/or criminal prosecution.

© 2010 Warner Bros. Animation Inc.

Country of first publication United States Of America

YOUNG JUSTICE and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics.

Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. is the author of this film/motion picture for the purposes of Article 15 (2) of the Berne Convention and all national laws giving effect thereto.

There are of course a bunch of people who ALSO helped out but don't receive credits on screen for various (legal and precedent) reasons.

A handful (in no particular order) include...

Jennifer A. Anderson - Talent Coordinator
Eric Lewis, CAS - Dialogue Sound Mixer
James Lafferty - Assistant Engineer
Otis Van Osten - Sound Supervisor
Ron Salaises - Sound Effects editor
Carlos Sanches - Re-Recording Mixer
Stacy Michaels - Foley Mixer
Alex Ulrich - Foley Walker
Jackie Trinidad - Development Coordinator
Peter Girardi - Design Guru

I know I'm probably forgetting some folks, and I REALLY apologize! If you send me a reminder, I'll pimp you in another post!

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K7OP writes...

Hello Mr. Weisman, it is me again Brian Bartoccini from Italy, how are you? I've recently heard some little new about that movie about the new gargoyles, it will call "Stone".
What do you think about that Disney' s idea, do a gargoyles movie, but not our gargoyles?
In my opinion is very terrible; Disney has already a good tv series (our Gargoyles) where they can take some base to do a good movie about gargoyles.
Besides if will be a real (and good) gargoyles movie, there will be hope that a lot of people can be interest to our gargoyles. They buy more DVDs and comic books, so a reason to release other DVDs and comic books and then release them in other countries (that I really hope).
But that (for now) it isn't happen; if you go on youtube you can see that a lot of fan from Italy, some spanish country, French, Germany, Brasil, etc. etc., are taking the episodes on youtube.
You know something? I really hope that movie "stone" will be very, very, very, very unsuccesful; and so then, maybe Disney will decide to do a REAL GARGOYLES MOVIE.
Well, I hope you understand my bad english. Good Bye.

Greg responds...

I'm not sure if your information is accurate, but if in fact they've renamed the movie "Stone" then I'm thrilled. As long as our "Gargoyles" keeps control of that name, we're in decent shape.

Unfortunately, I've seen no indication anywhere of a title change on the new movie. Where did you get your intel?

Response recorded on December 01, 2010

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Anonymous writes...

is there going to be a spectacular spiderman season 3

Greg responds...


Response recorded on December 01, 2010

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Vaevictis Asmadi writes...

Hello Greg,

Thanks for clarifying the feudal society of the Third Race.

Given this feudal arrangement, where does that put the Weird sisters? They are the Norns of the Norse, but also the Greek and Roman Fates, Furies, and Graces. Does that mean they're part of the Aesir? Or part of the Greek gods?

Thank you.

Greg responds...

They're part of nearly every pantheon, in a sense. But really they're not part of any. They report directly to Oberon.

Response recorded on December 01, 2010

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Algernon writes...

Hey again Greg,
You once said that while you were working at Sony, you and Victor Cook tried to get Sony interested in doing a Ghost Rider series. Now the impression I got was that the "Powers That Be" weren't interested and the concept never got far beyond the "I just had a neat idea" stage, so I understand if you didn't draw out some big five season master plan about how you'd handle the series.

But I was just wondering if you'd given any thought to how you would have dealt with a lot of the S&P challenges that related to the character. Mainly that both GR himself and a good chunk of his rogues gallery are literal demons from Hell. Is America ready for a superhero cartoon where the Big Bad is Satan?

Greg responds...

I would have crossed that hellbridge when I came to it.

Response recorded on December 01, 2010

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Scott writes...

Hi Greg,

Who do we need to write to/petition for the rest of the Gargoyles series to be released on DVD?

Greg responds...

Disney or Buena Vista Home Entertainment, I suppose.

Response recorded on December 01, 2010

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Mike W. writes...

Hi Greg,

First, let me briefly state that Gargoyles remains among the best animated series IMO of all time. I particularly appreciated the classical and Shakespearean references, I'm not sure I would have been as big a fan of Shakespeare in school and today, were it not for Gargoyles. That being said, the animated shows today lack the originality, narrative, and cutting edge that shows like Gargoyles, Real Ghostbusters, Batman, and even Duck Tales had, which is a real shame. Instead, today's cartoon for adults and kids, fail to have any purpose to them, and seem to have deevolved to the level of entertainment for 5 year olds. The only ones in past decade worth viewing have been Justice League and Boondocks.

My question involves trying to connect the 'Golden Age' of cartoons in 80's and early 90s, with today. I'm looking forward to your new series, and had a thought. I know that Mike Reaves worked with Gargoyles, as well as other cartoons, such as Ghostbusters and Dungeons and Dragons. While Gargoyles got a proper sendoff with Hunters Moon, there was never a finale for the short, Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, even though it was still popular and in syndication over a decade later, with only a dozen episodes. However, there was a screenplay finale done by Reaves, just not animated. What about in your or your production's free time, with Mike Reave's approval, you animate the finale of Reaves' screenplay, providing a link to your new series, which will remind the fans of cartoons of the serious narrative medium that cartoons used to be, that your cartoon series will have that 'edge' and give free publicity with many views (likely viral views) about your new series when people watch the link to the finale that was never done for a famous cartoon from the 1980's? It sounds like a good idea, which is why I am suggesting it.

Greg responds...

Well, let me begin by RABIDLY DISAGREEING with your statement about today's cartoons. Some suck. Some are great. I'm proud as hell of the work I did on W.I.T.C.H., Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice, and there's no way I would pretend that I'm the only guy out there doing great work. I think Brave and the Bold is a TON of fun for both adults and kids. I thought Kim Possible was great. And I barely worked on either of those two series. And Avatar (which I never worked on) also seems great and rich. And that's just off the top of my head.

Your definition of "Golden Age" seems to have more to do with you than history.

As for your D&D idea, you just seem to have NO idea about the way the business works. I couldn't do what your asking even if it was my fondest wish in the world. Believe me, if I had that kind of power, don't you think I'd be doing more Gargoyles?

None of this stuff is up to guys like me or Michael. Different companies own the rights to different series, and most are uninterested in spending money on the kind of thing you're suggesting.

Response recorded on December 01, 2010

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