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Orange writes...

Hey Greg, I'd just like to say I've been completely blown away by Young Justice. Just watched "Infiltrator" today; this series just keeps getting better and better!

The question: Considering how well it's been received so far, how long do you expect YJ to run? Wiki has the current list of planned episode airing dates up to the 8th in early March, but I'd like to think the story's going to be longer than that.

Also, I'm convinced Artemis is Mia Dearden. I guess I'll have to wait to see if I'm right! ;)

Greg responds...

Artemis is .... Artemis Crock.

Anyway, as previously announced, we have a total of 26 episodes this season (nine have aired, 17 remain to be aired) and we've been picked up for AT LEAST ten more for Season Two.

Response recorded on March 31, 2011

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