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Vashkoda writes...

1) According to his pact with Anansi, was Fara Maku only able to transform a single person into a werepanther? (I'm wondering if there's a number restriction similar to the one for the panther queen and her children).

2) Since Tea didn't make a pact with Anansi, does she have the ability to turn anyone else into a werepanther?

3a) Will Fara and Tea have any children? b) Will the children also carry the werepanther "curse"?

4a) Anansi was obviously real in the Gargoyles Universe, but did the story of the Panther Queen also really happen? b) Would you say the panther queen was "sentient"? c) Would Oberon's non-interference law also apply to her, and if so, how was Anansi able to curse the Panther Queen without breaking the law?

5) Were either the panther queen or her son able to shift back and forth between human and panther forms, like Tea and Fara Maku?

6a) The panther queen and Fara were forced to hunt for Anansi to fulfill their end of the bargain. But what made him think that if he turned Goliath and company into werepanthers, that they would willingly hunt for him? b) How would he have been able to transform them against their will without breaking the non-interference law?

7) Do you have any specific plans involving werepanthers in future episodes?

Greg responds...

1. Yes. Just one.

2. Yes. Just one.

3a. Yes. Just one.

3b. Yes. Just one way or another.

4a. Yes. In one form or another.

4b. Yes. At one time or another.

4c. She messed with him.

5. No.

6a. Blackmail.

6b. Good question.

7. Yes.

Response recorded on October 20, 2000

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