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A Fan from Maryland writes...

Hey Greg, big fan. Sorry to hear about your job issues and I hope by the time you answer this you will have found work, I'd hire you myself if I was rich enough or I knew how. <3

1. You say that M'gann's parents are Green and White and that she and her brother the only "White" looking Martians among her siblings. So does whether you become Green/White Martian work on a sort of "one drop" rule or is more random?

For example (and I phrase it this way so you would only have to give one answer)

Under One drop, if a Green mated with a White Martian the offspring would always be white. If its Random, a child could be green or white at various odds.

Or is it something way more complex like hair or eye color. I say this because its use analogous to the human concept of "ethnicity" and I wanted to know if it was like that on Mars or if was a different type of phenotype such as hair or eye color. Basically i just wanted to know how the "rules" of the colors worked and if stuff like a Red child being more to two Greens or like a "light green" martian was possible.

2. What comic book issue/story arc did the Red Martians first appear in in the DC Comics? Or are they an Original Creation named for the Barsoom concept.

3. You have been noted to be very devoted to comics continuity; going so far as to construct the Martian Language around names seen in the comics. So why is Mars' Martian name " M'arzz" rather than "Ma'aleca'andra" as seen in the 1988 Martian Manhunter series?

4. Speaking of, is "M'arzz" a cognate with the English word "Mars" or is that just an amazing coincidence ?

5. Finally I more avant garde question . Do you think you could be so kind to post the translation dictionaries for some of the conlangs you ,Nicole Dubuc and your other colleagues created such as Interlac, Martian, New Genisian etc? Since it's not a story or a plot I assume its okay through your guidelines. I just thought it'd be a nice treat for the fandoms of those shows.

Thank you Greg, Mad love from MD! :)

Greg responds...

1. Martians - even Martians of mixed parentage - are still born either Red, Green or White. Doesn't mean a White Martian like M'gann doesn't have, well, green genes in her. But she still is white in appearance unless shape-shifting her color. The stigma attaches to the skin color, less so to the parentage/heritage. So most of M'gann's siblings faced relatively little prejudice. But she and one of her brothers, who by luck of the genetic draw came out white, weren't so fortunate.

1a. There are various shades of green. And of red. And of white. But a light Green Martian is not necessarily the child of a White and Green Martian. It doesn't work that way.

1b. There is no way a Red Martian could be born to two white parents or two green parents or a white and a green parent. At least one (but not both) of the Red Martian's parents must also be Red. Same with Green or White Martians. At least one of your parents is going to be the same basic color as you are.

2. They come from DC Comics, but if I revealed where it would act as a SPOILER.

3. I'm an imperfect human being. My research was imperfect too. Though at the time, there was a reason why I chose that name. See the answer to question 4.

4. Heh, heh, heh...

5. I think I've posted most everything we have at this point of the Interlac, Martian and Atlantean languages. Nicole may have more on Rannian, since she cribbed that by studying what Alan Moore did in Swamp Thing. And I used my own fictional language from one of my original (but unsold) properties for New Genisian. I have more on that one, but because I still have hopes of doing something with that someday, I won't be posting more of it at this time.

Response recorded on December 04, 2013

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Martianologist writes...

Hi Greg,

First of all, thanks for rounding off a great second season of Young Justice. I know nothing's slated, but I really hope there'll be more to come.
I have one quick question about B'arzz O'oomm (hope I spelled that correctly), also - formerly? - known as Green Beetle.
When he is shown in his natural form, he seems to have both green martian and white martian characteristics (his skin hue seems green, though lighter than J'onn's, and he has the red "x" on his chest which M'gann also sports in her natural form, to name two). Is he a hybrid (I hesitate to say "inter-racial") green/white martian?


~ Martianologist

P.S.: I hope it's not too presumptive of me, but I'd like to wish you and your family a very happy Passover.

Greg responds...

He's green.

Response recorded on December 04, 2013

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Paul writes...

Hi Greg, hope you're ok with answering the following questions. Btw, I loved both seasons of YJ - here's hoping it'll come back some day!

1) Please don't take this the wrong way, but I was wondering if you have any regrets at all about not using Troia in the series when you had the chance? I know there were time constraints in season 2 with the Reach arc but I'm just curious.

2) When Arsenal was kicked off the Team, did someone else replace him as B-25?

3) I was wondering how strong Lieutenant Marvel and Sergeant Marvel were (when they were on the Team) compared to Superboy and Troia. With the four of them on the scene at the same time, I can't help but think that the Team must have been a force to be reckoned with. How did the Marvels compare in strength to Conner and Donna, or to Captain Marvel for that matter?

Greg responds...

1. We tried. Couldn't manage it. (See previous ASKED and ANSWERED questions about her.) I'm bummed we couldn't get her in there, but I wouldn't exactly call it a regret. It just wasn't doable.

2. No. That's not how the designations work.

3. Not going to discuss character details on characters we haven't presented.

Response recorded on November 27, 2013

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Anonymous writes...

What was Cheshire doing during the S2 finale? Knowing the world was in danger, did she play any part in saving it? Or was she unaware of the danger, despite the fact her husband knew? Thank you for your time.

Greg responds...

She did not play a part. She had some awareness - as did most of the public - but was not called in to help or brought up to speed by anyone before the fact.

Response recorded on November 27, 2013

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Anonymous writes...

I've read a lot of unanswered questions and posts about what happened to Wally in Endgame, but I think what I want to say here is different enough that I can say it without just re-iterating what everyone else has already said. My numbered comments aren't questions per se, but what I'd like is just your thoughts and comments in response to each one. I doubt I'll get any spoiler-y information out of you, but I just want to know what you think.

1. First, let me say that I like that you left it sort of ambiguous as to whether he's dead or not. Scarab uses the word "cease" rather than "die." We never see a dead body. He meets his demise because of being attacked by energy, and in fiction, energy can do lots of crazy things to people. So, reasonable arguments could be made either way as to whether he's alive or dead. Which is nice.

The following are my thoughts on why I think he's really dead, and my conflicting thoughts on why I think he might really be alive.


2. This is a Greg Weisman show. Death isn't something to be taken lightly round these parts, and tends to be permanent, and having Wally cheat death only to come back later could come off feeling cheap without the right execution.

3. The only other deaths to a character that we were close to turned out to not be genuine deaths in Artemis' case (both in Failsafe and Darkest), and the other deaths that have occurred on the team happened off-screen to characters that we weren't close to, Tula and Jason. So maybe this time, it was time for someone that we cared about to actually die for real. Similar to how Nabu relinquished hosts the first two times but finally claimed one, it was something that needed to happen for real for the series to have dramatic weight and the characters not just continually escape their fate by the skin of their teeth. Sooner or later someone we loved had to die. Thoughts?

Why He Might Be Alive:

4. As mentioned earlier, there was never a body. Although this may have been more for S&P reasons than anything else.

5. According to the Conservation of Mass, matter cannot just be created or destroyed. He could have been incinerated or something and turned into Wally dust, but seemingly that's not what happened. He progressively grew more and more transparent and less tangible, and then he was gone. So I'm guessing there wasn't a cloud of Wally vapor floating around in the arctic on that day. All that matter just...vanished...and matter doesn't really do that. That matter had to go somewhere unless he was converted to energy himself.

6. Wally in the comics started out as being able to run about the speed of sound, and then eventually became the fastest Flash. Generally you seem to be pretty true to source material while also taking some liberties as needed, so having Wally die before he ever became the fastest seems like his story isn't being fully told, because that seems to be an essential quality of who the character became. Plus his encounter with the energy of the MFD as a possible reason for his increased speed is (for me at least) an explanation that could be taken a lot more seriously than something silly like a "psychological block" like in the comics.

7. Wally's a speedster. In the comics, some speedsters have really crazy abilities like being able to travel through time. It feels cheap to have them be able to do this Willy Nilly as they please (which is why I'm guessing none of your speedsters so far have this ability) but it wouldn't necessarily feel cheap to have a speedster able to be hurtled forward or backward through time (or hurtled into another dimension) because of a combination of his speedster abilities and the chrysalis energy and survive. I don't feel this counts as an original idea because speedsters time traveling is not something that I came up with, and I know people have asked you questions about speedsters time traveling before. Please know that I am sincerely NOT trying to pull a fast one on you and suggest something; I really just want you to see my thoughts and know what you think in response.

8. You said that if there was a Season 3, there'd be another time skip. Depending on how long the time skip is, maybe Season 3 would NEED Wally like 2198 needs Brooklyn, to be a character we identify with and see the world through.

9. You aren't wasteful. This one might be a stretch...but to me it seems wasteful that a character like Wally would die when (according to comics) he has so much power potential, could potentially have so much utility in Season 3 if it would have happened, and is just such a darn great character all around. But on the other hand, his kinetic contribution saved the world, so maybe from your point of view it wasn't a waste. But...on the other hand, the speedsters could have simply succeeded in saving the world without any of them dying. If Wally's really dead, what do you think the series as a whole has gained as a result?

10. Having Wally survive sort of resonates with Timedancer for me. It might not be a coincidence that the apocalyptic setting we see in the episode Bloodlines is 40 years in the future.

Greg responds...

I can't give you any thoughts on any of this for reasons I've already stated here at ASK GREG. But I will say that I like the way your mind works.

Response recorded on November 26, 2013

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Tre writes...

Hi greg my question is about Mal how long did he trained with Canary? Also is she his mentor in a way

Greg responds...

Strictly speaking, Mal didn't have a mentor until AFTER he became the Guardian. Then his mentor became the previous Guardian, Jim Harper.

Mal did participate in training with Black Canary and other members of the Team - from the time he came aboard. I'm not going to specify exactly how long ago that was.

Response recorded on November 26, 2013

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Anonymous writes...

In Complications we see one of the troppers with out his helmet are all the troppers black?

Greg responds...

All the Manta Troopers are, yes.

Response recorded on November 26, 2013

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Just a Nerd writes...

Hey, Greg. I just have some questions about Martian technology, being a science geek and such.

1. Are the Bio-Ship and Martian clothing separate species than normal green, red, or white Martians? I would assume the answer is yes... But you never know.

2. Do the Bio-Ship or Martian clothing require any sustenance? Food, water, fuel, etc.

3. If so, what do they eat/drink?

4. What level of intellegence do they have? Are they just mindless... I hesitate to say slaves... Are they in any way sentient, or do they just follow commands given to them? Do they ever make their own choices?

5. Did they come from the same evolutionary line as the Martians? A yes or no will suffice, since you don't feel this is the proper medium for telling stories.

Today marks the 1 week anniversary of the end of Young Justice: Invasion. I'm still not over it. <sigh> I was hooked from the moment I watched the pilot movie. So long ago... Thank you to you and your entire team for a wonderful show. While I was skeptical at times, I wouldn't change a single decision made about the show. Except for the one to cancel it. That was a major error on the part of whoever made it. Only thing I watch on Cartoon Network now are reruns of YJ:I and GL:TAS.
Thank you for your time.

Greg responds...

1. Yes.

2. Yes, of some kind. But think of them more like plants than animals.

3. See above.

4. The ship is like a fairly smart pet. The clothes are more like a very adaptable house plant.

5. Going back far enough, yes.

Thanks for the kind words.

Response recorded on November 26, 2013

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Matthew writes...

Not a question, but I thought you'd like to read this:


Greg responds...

Thanks. I'd seen it, but it was nice to reread all these months later. It's very gratifying. Wish we could have made more. Haven't given up hope for more stories either. Of course, our best bet right now is to support Young Justice Legacy, so that Little Orbit decides to make a second game.

Response recorded on November 26, 2013

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Christine writes...

We know Crusher calls Artemis "baby girl" and Jade "little girl" does he have a nickname for Lian yet?

Greg responds...

Haven't thought about it, honestly.

Response recorded on November 26, 2013

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