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CGYJ writes...

Mr. Greg Weisman,

On this posting, there will be no questions. However, it seems only fair that I’d tell you something that I feel you may want to know. You may recall from at least two postings that I telling you about the post-Flashpoint DC multiverse. My suspicions were correct; DC Comics appeared to have cleaned the entire DC multiverse and are starting fresh. Here’s what I do know thus far and wish to share with you:

a. First, we have our mainstream DC universe (aka. DCnU), but we still don’t know if its designation still remains as New Earth/Earth-0.

b. We have Earth-23, which was introduced in Action Comics #9. The Superman of this Earth seems to be modeled after our current President. His Kryptonian name is Kalel (and that’s how it’s spelled within the comic), while his human name is Calvin Ellis. I’d like to tell you other things I found out about this Earth, but I not that good at explaining it in great detail. Also, other parallel Earths were shown in that comic, but unfortunately there were no designations shown.

c. The last one is the re-imagined Earth-2, which is introduced in the new title, “Earth 2.” Just like the first Justice League story arc when the relaunch started, the first issue took place five years in the past. Apokolips is the threat once again, but here, Steppenwolf, and not Darkseid, is leading the invasion. Earth-2’s Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman die stopping the invasion, while the Supergirl and Robin of Earth-2 (who become Power Girl and Huntress as will be shown in “Worlds’ Finest”) follow an unknown person through a Boom Tube and end up stranded in the mainstream universe (at which in this point in time the events of the first arc of the relaunched “Action Comics” was taking place). Also, we get see the new younger versions of Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, and Al Pratt before they became the heroes they are supposed to be.

This now leaves the place of at least two pre-Flashpoint parallel Earths within this new DC Multiverse in question (or at least, in my mind, it does):

a. Earth-16 is the first one. While this world was introduced with existing information post-Infinite Crisis, this world was never touched upon again until you “rebooted” it for the setting for “Young Justice.” I might say that was the best decision you’ve ever made. You may recall from an earlier posting that I asked if you or your co-workers have ever confirmed with the higher-ups at DC Comics on whether or not your interpretation of Earth-16 still exist within the new DC multiverse. I’ll probably find out your response to that particular posting when it comes.

b. Earth-1 is the second one. This parallel Earth is the setting for DC: Earth One graphic novels. It’s hard to describe, but what I can say is that it’s sort of like the equivalent of Marvel Comics’ Ultimate Marvel universe (by way of being introduced to new readers, among other things). I think J. Michael Straczynski was the guy who started this parallel DC universe.

Hope you didn’t mine me telling you all this. I just felt that you needed to know what’s been going on in the new DC multiverse.

Thanks for taking the time to read this posting!

Greg responds...

Thanks. I haven't always had time to keep current. None of this effects episodes of YJ, which was all locked long ago.

Response recorded on October 02, 2012

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