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Yojimbo writes...

1) Would the unidentified alien race who sent Tiamat to Earth figure into a story in season 3?

2) Based on Black Manta revealing his part in helping collect statue fragments was a stepping stone into the Light, is Ocean Master no longer a member of the Light during the events of Legacy?

3) After she was rescued in Gotham City by Alpha Squad, was Dr. Sandsmark given an A-designation by the Justice League?

4) Red Arrow's third journal mentions a report of Blue Beetle joining an "illustrious fraternity" on November 1, Team Year One. Is this confirmation he joined the Justice League (just wanted to know for sure)?

5) Was Klarion seeking to collect the Tablet of Destiny for the same reasons he sought the Helmet of Fate back in season one?

Greg responds...

1. We had plans, but I'm not going to be specific.

2. He is not.

3. No.

4. No. Red Arrow meant he had joined the "fraternity" of super-heroes more generally.

5. Yes and no.

Response recorded on January 31, 2014

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