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fallenlegend writes...

Hello greg I just would like to thank you for your depictions of religion. You have been thanked before for having gay characters.

But I think religious discrimination is also a big issue as a tendency on media recently has been to depict religious people as "stupid" and "morons".

I just love the fact that you don't shy away for doing amazing characters and giving them religions.

As a christian myself it makes me admire your writting even more and to have some rolemodels on this aspect.

Thank you very much!

Greg responds...

You're welcome. Honestly, I'm not sure I am a great role model on this front. In my head, characters have certain religions, but networks tend to shy away from that, and it hasn't been a battle I've felt a need to fight. So at best, I've tried to write characters from a well-rounded point of view that includes their religious background, if any - all without objectively addressing it. This is a form of cowardice, as I've acknowledged before. But it's a cowardice born of necessity, because if I insisted on doing more, I'd simply be let go. It's not - at least not at this time - a battle I can win.

But if somehow what I have done comes through for you, then, well, great. But to tell the truth, I can't, at this moment, think of any great examples in my own work.

Response recorded on April 25, 2014