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Kalafarski writes...

I've always loved Carl Johnson's music in the series. Watching City of Stone Part IV recently, I realized that you can hear this great, low, vocal music as Macbeth and Gruoch abandon Castle Moray. I thought it was a good, dramatic piece to go along with the scene, but I can't remember hearing it in any other episode. Do you know if original music was composed/recorded for this episode in particular, being one of the landmark multi-parters?

Speaking of the music of the series, I probably should have asked this first. I'm not sure how score composition works in an animated series. I seriously doubt new music was recorded for every episode, but I really can't say. Was the music used in each episode from stock clips? Would Mr. Johnson produce a series of generic pieces at the beginning of each season, or for the multi-parters? Or am I wrong, and it was more frequently than that? I realize that you may not have had that large a part in the incorporation of a score into the series, but anything you know about the process would be appreciated.

Greg responds...

I'm sorry, I can't remember specifically about that moment in City IV. Generally, on GARGOYLES, we fully scored a few episodes at the beginning of each season. And we partially scored selected episodes where we knew we'd need something unique. Then Marc Perlman, our amazing music editor, would use our music library to edit a score to everything else.

At SONY, they score EVERY episode, but they do it with synthesizers not orchestras, in order to afford it.

Response recorded on November 14, 2000

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