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Jean writes...

Hello Again Mr. Weisman!

One more short series of questions:

1.What styles/genres of music do the main cast like? (I'm assuming Hudson doesn't like Heavy Metal, considering how he was spooked out of his chair that one time :-P)

2. Are there certain artists/songs they like?

3. Does anyone (or any gargoyle) play a musical instrument, or have some type of music talent?

- as an aside, I think Elisa is an 80s hard rock/hair metal fan- her leather-N-corset look in Protection just SCREAMS "Billy Idol backup dancer" :-) Just a thought.

Again, thanks so much for being awesome,


Greg responds...

1. I don't know. I'd have to think about it. Do some research, probably.

2. See above.

3. Any gargoyle ever? I'm sure the answer is yes, but our leads don't seem to play.

Response recorded on January 12, 2017

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Anonymous writes...

Can you play a musical instrument? What instrument would you love to master (in addition)?
Thanks for your time and patience

Greg responds...

I don't. Long ago, I tried to learn the guitar, but I never, ever got very good at it. I don't really have an ambition to be a musician, but I like listening.

Response recorded on November 13, 2015

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Vance Michael Justin writes...

Were there ever any plans to release the music tracks for Spectacular Spider-Man? Certain songs, like the Sandman's theme, were really catchy! Would you know where someone could listen to them free of the show's sound effects and dialogue?

Greg responds...

Vance Michael Justin!!! Haven't seen you in years!

Anyway, Dynamic Music Partners was planning to release a soundtrack for The Spectacular Spider-Man before the same corporate politics that derailed the series derailed the album, as well. I'm afraid I don't know where you could go to listen. But I'll tweet DMP and try to find out.

Response recorded on May 01, 2014

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Greg's Gallifrey One Schedule

Greg's Gallifrey One Schedule

Hey, gang. As some of you know, I'll be at Gallifrey One this Saturday, February 15, 2014.


The convention is located at:

Marriott Los Angeles Airport Hotel
5855 West Century Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045

I'm told convention membership is sold out, but even if you don't have a badge/ticket, we've got an event for you (see below).

Here's my schedule for the day:

2pm - 3pm - I'll be doing a signing at Christopher Jones' table. I'll pretty much sign anything you put in front of me for free. However, I'll also be bringing multiple copies of my new novel RAIN OF THE GHOSTS. For a mere $10 in cash, you get a signed copy of the book and signed copies of the original inspirational character designs (drawn by Kuni Tomita) for the animated series version of Rain that we never made back at DreamWorks in 1997-98. (While supplies last.)

3pm - 4pm - Christopher Jones and I will be doing a KaffeeKlatsche with a small group of fans. You need to sign up for this in advance, I believe, as space is limited.

5pm - 6pm - The big YOUNG JUSTICE event!! I'll be moderating a Q&A panel of THIRTEEN GUESTS who worked on the series in Program Room B. In alphabetical order, the guests are:

1. Cameron Bowen - Voice Actor: Robin/Tim Drake, Toyman
2. Kris Carter - Composer: Dynamic Music Partners
3. Christopher Jones - Comic Book Artist
4. Stephanie Lemelin - Voice Actor: Artemis/Artemis Crock/Tigress, Catherine Cobert/Computer
5. Eric Lopez - Voice Actor: Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes, Scarab
6. Vanessa Marshall - Voice Actor: Black Canary/Dinah Lance, Amanda Spence, Ida Berkowitz, Noor Harjavti, Red Inferno/Firebrand
7. Michael McCuistion - Composer: Dynamic Music Partners
8. Masasa Moyo - Voice Actor: Bumblebee/Karen Beecher, Reach Scientist, Amber Joyce, Cat Grant, Secret/Greta Hayes, Sharon Vance, Wendy Harris
9. Lolita Ritmanis - Composer: Dynamic Music Partners
10. Andrew Robinson - Writer: "Drop-Zone," "Targets," "Disordered"
11. Brent Spiner - Voice Actor: Joker
12. Jason Spisak - Voice Actor: Kid Flash/Wally West
13. Greg Weisman - Producer; Writer: "Independence Day," "Fireworks," "Terror," "Humanity," "Misplaced," "Auld Acquaintance," "Happy New Year," "Salvage," "Satisfaction," "The Fix," "Summit"; Voice Actor: Lucas "Snapper" Carr

6pm - 6:30pm - Immediately following the panel, we'll conduct a signing right there in Program Room B. Not all the guests may be able to stay, but I know, for example, that Kris, Michael & Lolita will be there, signing and selling copies of the Young Justice Soundtrack CD. And once again, I'll be signing and selling RAIN OF THE GHOSTS ($10 in cash, for the signed novel and the signed character designs, while supplies last).

6:30pm (more or less) - ??? - And then right after the signing, we'll move out to the lobby of the Marriott for a Young Justice Fan Meet-Up. This is the part that does NOT require you to have paid for the convention. Just show up and hang out, as we chat with fans, take pictures with Cos-Players, sign and sell stuff (say, for example, RAIN OF THE GHOSTS) in a more informal setting. Chris Jones and I will stay for the duration, frankly until it begins to wane of its own accord. I'm sure some of the other guests will hang out for at least a little while (though that's not guaranteed).

So stop by #gally1 for the big #YoungJustice multi-event!!!!!

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Anonymous writes...

Was the bgm played during the scene when Wally and Artemis kissed in front of the Eiffel Tower the same as their theme in "Salvage"? I'm not sure. If so, it was a nice touch.

Greg responds...

I can't remember. Sorry.

Response recorded on November 13, 2013

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Got this e-mail from our Young Justice composers:

Dear Greg,

We're excited excited to share the news that our soundtrack to the Warner Bros. Animated Series "Young Justice" was released today by La-La Land Records!

From the LLLR website:
La-La Land Records, DC Comics and Warner Bros. Animation present the original soundtrack to the Warner Bros. Animated Television Series YOUNG JUSTICE, as aired on Cartoon Network. Composers Kristopher Carter, Michael McCuistion & Lolita Ritmanis (BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD, BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN, TEEN TITANS, BATMAN BEYOND) fashion an exhilarating superhero score that is every bit as bold, fresh and exciting as this hit animated series. This compilation brings together must-have musical highlights of the show's first season, as well as the second season, YOUNG JUSTICE: INVASION. Produced by the composers and mastered by Doug Schwartz, this is dramatic, action-packed music that makes for a thrilling standalone listen! CD booklet features reversible cover art and in-depth, exclusive liner notes by film music writer John Takis that contain comments from the composers and the animation team!

The CD can be ordered at the La-La Land Records website (http://www.lalalandrecords.com/YoungJustice.html) or at Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CM9JN7S/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00CM9JN7S&linkCode=as2&tag=dynmusparhomp-20).

Lolita Ritmanis, Michael McCuistion and Kristopher Carter

Dynamic Music Partners

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I'm totally crazed, trying to get work done and prep for San Diego Comic-Con, but I'd be remiss if I didn't remind everyone that both the DVD with the final episodes of Young Justice: Invasion and the soundtrack album featuring music from both seasons of YJ are on sale now.

Remember, the best way to show TPTB that you love the show is with your WALLET!! That's not to say you should prioritize YJ merchandise over things like food and shelter, of course. But if you have disposable income and you love the show: PROVE IT! And at the very least, help SPREAD THE WORD!!!

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YOUNG JUSTICE SOUNDTRACK going on sale on July 16th, 2013.

Details here:


Gang, if you want some YJ back, the best way to PROVE IT to the powers that be is with your wallet. And this CD is a great buy, with tons of great content by our terrific composers: Lolita Ritmanis, Kristopher Carter and Michael McCuistion, a.k.a. Dynamic Music Partners!

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Paul writes...

Will Dynamic Music Partners be doing the music/soundtrack for the Young Justice: Legacy game? I really hope so - I love their work.

Greg responds...

I don't know. But I love their work too.

Response recorded on June 06, 2013

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"La-La Land Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment present the original soundtrack to the Warner Bros. animated television series Young Justice, currently airing on Cartoon Network. Composers Lolita Ritmanis, Michael McCuistion & Kristopher Carter (Batman: The Brave And The Bold, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Teen Titans, Batman Beyond) fashion an exhilarating super hero score that is every bit as bold, fresh and exciting as this hit animated series. This compilation brings together must-have musical highlights of the show's first season, as well as the second season, Young Justice: Invasion. It's dramatic, action-packed music that makes for a thrilling standalone listen!"

Pre-Order NOW:


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