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Presto writes...

So I asked Jeph's assistant about what went down. Would Sony have been able to negotiate Spider-Man's animation rights had they shown evidence to Disney that the show had a viable audience and keep the show on the road? I mean did Sony even try to appeal on that matter or did they just outright give them up.

Greg responds...

I don't pretend to know what went on behind closed doors at a level WAY above my paygrade. All I know is that Sony gave the animation rights to Spider-Man back to Marvel. Sony, however, retains the rights to the specific version of Spidey that we did on the show (those stories, those designs, etc.). Marvel was never likely to pay Sony to do a show with MARVEL's signature character, when Marvel had the resources (and desire) to do their own version. Add in the fact that Marvel was purchased by Sony's competitor Disney, and the problem is exacerbated.

Response recorded on October 16, 2014

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