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Green Lantern's Nightlight writes...

When you freelance for a show, you're only writing select episodes, and only focusing on those episodes, where as a staff writer and producer would think about it in a larger sense that would fit the entire season/series (if it had some overall arc).

Has any series you have freelanced got you interested in the series outside of the episode(s) you have written for (or maybe you had been asked to take part in a larger role, but couldn't do it at that moment)? For example, you only got to write one episode of TMNT (2012), but is there anything would've liked to have done more of? As in a character's development, story arc, etc.

Greg responds...

There have been a handful of series that I was just freelancing on, where I got hooked and might have liked to do more, and/or did talk out larger arcs with the story editor. THE BATMAN, Season One, and BIG GUY & RUSTY come to mind.

Response recorded on September 05, 2017

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Robby writes...

In a previous response, when asked about the work you did on Big Guy and Rusty, you noted that the Legion Ex Machina was someone else's idea, and that your "version of it was very different. Duane rewrote me quite a bit, actually." What was your version of the Legion like?

Greg responds...

Well, it's a bit hazier now.

First off, I should say that the Legion (including the name for it) was Duane's idea. And he was the story editor, so he was welcome to do whatever he wanted with it.

But I basically did NOT have a bunch of look alike guys. I had a multi-racial group of individuals (one female, the rest male). The idea was to trick the audience into thinking the Legion was being run by a bunch of humans. And not reveal til later that they were also robots.

Or so I recall. It's been a VERY long time.

Response recorded on February 10, 2003

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Maureen writes...

As you may know, Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot is currently being re-aired (heh, mostly aired for the first time, 'cause they only showed 6 eps in Fall '99) by Fox. You wrote the second ep, "Out of Whack", with the rather scary subplot of Rusty being afraid he'd get turned to scrap in
"the grinder". You also introduced the Legion Ex Machina, their mole Dr. Gilder/Number Six, and picked a pretty darn cool (and gutsy!) way for Rusty to save the day. Any thoughts on this episode?

Also, are you related to Marlowe Weisman, who also wrote for Big Guy and Rusty?

Nosily yours....

Greg responds...

I know Marlowe, but no, we are not related. I am related to Jon Weisman, my brother, who has also written scripts for Men In Black, Starship Troopers, Max Steel, Hercules and So Weird.

As for "Out of Whack", most of the credit for that episode, and that series, should go to Producer/Story Editor Duane Capizi. The Legion Ex Machina was his idea. And my version of it was very different. Duane rewrote me quite a bit, actually.

But the basic telling of the story is mine. And I thought it was kind of fun. Originally, I was supposed to write a number of Rusty episodes. But then I wound up doing Max Steel instead. Oh, well.

Response recorded on March 29, 2001