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luke wilson writes...

Hi Greg, huge fan of young justice and can't wait for season 3. I was just wondering with static being in the show, how that came to be. Was there any issue getting him in the show since he is a milestone media character, and how were you able to convince them to let you use him? In theory can you use any milestone character you want? Can you use the wildstorm and vertigo characters in the show if you want to or is there certain restrictions?

Greg responds...

Things change over time. And I never know why.

We wanted to use Rocket and Icon in Season One. At the time, it wasn't any kind of problem, that I can recall.

In Season Two, we wanted to add Static, which was also not a problem.

In Season Three, we wanted to add Hardware and Holocaust and Amistad, and suddenly there was a problem with us using any Milestone characters, at all, including those we'd already been using for years.

And then suddenly there wasn't a problem. I never quite understood what had changed or what had changed back. I'm just glad we still have access to the Milestone characters, cuz I love 'em.

We used one Wildstorm character in S1, but I'll admit I'm not as familiar with those characters and so we haven't really tried to use any more of them.

Vertigo... I guess it would depend if they were creator owned or company owned.

Response recorded on February 14, 2020

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