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Verdragon writes...

1. When exactly was Beast Boy's last trip to Mars, because he mentions having been there before at some point prior to M'comm taking on his Ma'alefa'ak persona, but it wasn't brought up previously.
2. Was the plot of "The Prize" based around who was available at the time to do the recording, or was it always planned to feature those characters specifically?
3. In-universe, why did Waller only send Tuppence on the mission to abduct Clayface rather than both her and Tommy?
4. Why are Martians shapeshifting into noted alien-hater G. Gordon Godfrey like they are the Outsiders? Do they just find his endless stream of hatred funny or is it to mock him?

Greg responds...

1. On screen, Aqualad assigned Beast Boy, Miss Martian and Superboy on a mission to Mars immediately after the end of Season Two.

2. Brandon and I came up with the basic story in advance. We asked a quantity of specific actors, and most - but not quite all - were available. So I cut those few unavailable actors' characters, which we had been planning to use, out of the script, as I was writing it. It was a very fast turnaround.

3. Reasons.

4. I'll leave that to your interpretation. But maybe different Martians have different reasons?

Response recorded on October 28, 2021

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Anonymous writes...

After the events of Season 2 of "Young Justice," what exactly happened to the Brain?

Greg responds...

Well, you know Mallah was in Belle Reve...

Response recorded on August 06, 2021

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Anonymous writes...

Hi Greg, First all I want to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the first half of season 3 and look forward to the next half the season and any potential future seasons a well. I have a few questions concerning the dynamic and relationships between team members as well as some miscellaneous questions about various characters and choices about the show.

1.) What made you guys choose Earth-16 specifically as the setting for YJ. Is there something special about this number? Just curious.

2.) The next is a question that concerns the OG Team members from season 1 and including of the other team members that had been on it since almost the beginning (i.e. Batgirl, Zatanna, Rocket, Tempest) After this much time, It seems that they are all really good friends. Do they visit each other periodically when not on missions. How often? Do they ever make the effort to plan group events where they all just hangout? I imagine that it happens much more sparingly given that they are all grown and their lives are a lot more busy.

3.) Can you give us some ideas what certain team members do on their free time? I'm namely again talking about the OG Team, but current team members seems interesting too. You can pick whichever one comes easiest to you because I know that that's a lot of members and a lot to ask for but any of them would be appreciated.

4.) I'm also curious about Will and his particular fixation on finding the original Roy Harper as opposed to Jim. It's implied that during the time-skip between year 1 and year 6 that Will had spent much of that time (when not on drugs) following up on leads to find him. By the time we see him in Season 2 Roy still seems to be very obsessed with this, but Jim seems to have moved on. So with that I ask, how invested was Jim invested in finding his genetic template? And why exactly is Will seemingly so much more interested in finding his genetic template than his "brother". Is it because Will was actually made to believe that he was Roy Harper all along? When did Jim actually meet Roy? Do the three of them ever visit on occasion or for the most part they don't really communicate at all? They seem to all be on pretty good terms with one another.

5.) How old is Forager in terms of both Earth years and New Genesis years.

I know that's a lot of questions. But I'd appreciate it you answered any of them.

Greg responds...

1. Way back when, we asked DC for one of their untouched 52 worlds (which was the rule at the time). We suggested Earth-16, and that's what they gave us. Once we were assigned that, we made something special about the number 16. But I can't say what: no spoilers.

2. Sure.

2a. How often do any of us visit our friends?

2b. Sure. Watch "The Prize": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXD8fdM6tac&t=4s

3. I'm gonna leave that to the show and/or your own interpretations.

4. Initially, very invested. But over time, Jim - like most of the League - became convinced that Roy was dead.

4a. Jim never "took over" Roy's life the way Will did.

4b. Jim first saw Roy shortly after Will brought him back to Star City. He met him shortly after Roy returned to Star City with Green and Red Arrow.

5. By the end of Team Year Eight, Forager is 14 in Earth years, and more or less the same age in New Genesis years.

Response recorded on July 26, 2021

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