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Thomas Kroot writes...

1: Did Amanda Waller know that Superboy and Ms. Martian were replacing the Terror Twins and that the actual twins were to be swapped back in later?

2: What sort of crimes did Plastic Man commit before he became a hero? Any reason it took him 7 years to become a JL member?

3: Does Eel O Brien/Plastic Man retain his cold weaknesses from main comic world?

4: Do the villains on Earth 16 generally stick to a single city like normal continuity or are they more multi-city

5: Do any real life nations in the YJ earth not allow the Justice League in their borders the same way Biyalia doesn't.

Greg responds...

1. No.

2. No spoilers.

3. It depends how cold we're talkin'?

4. Every individual villain has his or her own M.O.

5. Yes.

Response recorded on May 14, 2018

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Marvelman writes...

At what point will Outsider be considered to be in-production? The writing is considered to be pre-production, right? I know you are now recording the voices. Is that part of the production phase?

Greg responds...

It depends how you're defining your terms. Broadly speaking, Young Justice: Outsiders is in production and has been for over a year.

But if you're going to divide the broad term "Producton" into it's three main components, i.e. Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production, then:

Writing, voice recording, storyboard, design, direction are all elements of pre-production, and are all done here in Burbank.

Overseas animation is the actual production, done in Seoul, South Korea.

Editing, retakes, music, sound effects, visual effects, foley, sound mixing and on-lining are all elements of Post, which is also done here in Burbank.

Young Justice: Outsiders is very deep into Pre-Production, and pretty darn deep into Production, and beyond the shallow end in Post-Production, as well.

In any case, we're still right on schedule.

Response recorded on April 16, 2018

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