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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

I've taken a bit of a break from ASK GREG, but I'm back. I also started a new job this week. (Can't wait to tell you what it is!) This means my schedule is a bit more regular, so I'm hoping to get back to answering questions here on a daily basis. But it may also mean that things may get a little crazy on occasion as I get acclimated, so I may also miss a few days here and there.

So... business as usual, right?

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Hey gang,

I've done another podcast. Talked a lot about pitching shows on this one: http://www.blakeandsalshow.com/

Check it out!

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World's Finest Interview

Did a little interview with James Harvey of World's Finest about the Young Justice Invasion BluRay and the Rain of the Ghosts series here:


Check it out!

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Profitcast Universe Podcast

Did another podcast here:

http://www.profitcastuniverse.com/21/ (direct link)

itms://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/profitcast-where-passion-meets/id894979986 (iTunes link)

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Star Wars Bookworms Podcast

I was on the Star Wars Bookworms Podcast. Had a great time. You can find it here:


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Clan-Building Review

There's a pretty comprehensive review of Clan-Building here:


This guy really knows the series.

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Gargoyles 20th Anniversary

So today is the 20th Anniversary of the Television Premiere of Gargoyles.

I nearly forgot about it, because for me the 20th Anniversary was the World Premiere back on September 29th. Plus we had been working on the series, in one form or another since 1991. But the truth is for most of our then audience, it's been twenty years today. (And I know some of you were introduced to Gargoyles even later.)

So happy anniversary to the cast and crew and to all our terrific fans, whether they've been fans for twenty years or twenty minutes! Thanks for joining me on this crazy ride!

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Star Wars Rebels: Kanan

This weekend at New York Comic Con, Marvel and Lucasfilm announced the new monthly on-going STAR WARS REBELS: KANAN comic book. I will be writing the first five-issue arc, THE LAST PADAWAN. I'm very excited. More info in an interview I did here: http://www.coffeewithkenobi.com/with-new-kanan-comic-marvel-set-to-explore-more-star-wars-lore/

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Twenty years ago today, September 29th, 1994, GARGOYLES had its World Premiere in two theaters at the multiplex on Pleasure Island at Walt DisneyWorld in Orlando Florida.

I tell the story here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVQfxGNu7sk


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I did another PodCast, this one with more of a focus on STAR WARS REBELS: http://www.solosound.net/ioncannon/4042/

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