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A happy fan writes...

Just some questions I've been wondering:
1. Did Cheshire kill people while she was pregnant?
2. Could she still kick ass while pregnant?
3. Where did she she give birth to Lian? (You don't have to give the exact place, I just meant like a hospital, safe house, temple, etc.)
4. Can her Mom still kick ass while in the wheelchair?
5. Who was with Cheshire when she gave birth and who knew about Lian before she told Roy?
6. Has Rocket's baby-daddy appeared on the show?
7. If not, was he in the YJ comics or DC comics in general?
8. Would I know this character?
9. How old is Amistad?
10. I read an answer that confirmed that Cheshire recognized Artemis because of her hair color, voice, fighting style, etc. If so, than how come nobody has tried to crack superhero identities (with the exception of Tim Drake) by doing that? Or is there someone or someones with that information?