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Anonymous writes...

Hi, Greg!! I am a foreigner 15-year old-kid and Huge fan of what you do! I know you're probably busy developing the third Season of Young Justice but I still hope you could take a look at my questions and reply to them if possible:
1.Would you consider ever introducing the third Superboy (Jonathan Kent a.k.a Superman's son)and/or the fifth Robin (Damian Wayne a.k.a Bruce Wayne's son)??? Since they are the Super-Sons (Superman and Batman's sons)do you feel like this should happen in much later seasons or are you not interested in exploring these characters in the series?
2.Do you think it is possible that in this universe there could be a (New)(Teen) Titans team, a (Batman and...) The Outsiders team or the actual Young Justice Team? Or does "The Team" already fill all of those missing groups?
3.When Wally return (we all know he will) is there any hope for Linda and Wally's children in the future?
4.Green Lantern Rookies? please!
5.I just realized most of these are character petitions and I feel kinda dumb 'cause you'll probably reply with "maybe, maybe not wait and see" but it's just that I love this characters so much and we've waited for so long, I can't help myself... any way if you could reply for this I would be Super-grateful and whatever you do I'm sure this will continue being an awesome show and Thanks for be one of the guys who contribute to one of DC's best pieces of entertainment... (Young Justice!!! Omg!!! Season 3! (sorry))