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Machbet writes...

No question, just some comments, if I may. Isn't it interesting, my brother, how art can imitate life? And isn't it interesting how life can imitate art? Would it not be fascinating if Oberon and Titania were real, if they were alive today, incarnated somewhere? Or if the great Shakespeare himself was still alive? Or even Macbeth and Gruoch? Imagine the story-lines of Shakespearean dramas and the Gargoyles' Universe and "real" life merging together into a time-traveling, epic smorgasbord spread out over thousands of years and becoming so intertwined that discerning truth from within the infinite details would become almost impossible. It's frightening, if one spends any time thinking about it. Truth would be a scarce jewel in such a deep and muddy quagmire. Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" isn't as fetching to me as to you and I think the reason is because I know how Shakespeare intended to finish that story. There aren't very many of us who do and luckily for everyone, it won't go as Shakespeare planned. But, Titania? Wouldn't it be mesmerizing and thrilling to see our dear Ceres again? Imagine a reunion like that, my brother. I'm looking forward to seeing you there.