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Gianluca T Burdon writes...

1. How come Speedsters in YJ don't give off Speed Force Lightning like Speedsters in most incarnations do?

2. Have any YJ Flashes met the CW's Savitar or heard of his "legend"? What were their thoughts about him? And if they did meet him, How'd the interaction go?

3. Have any of the Amazons in the YJ universe read the Bible? If so, what did they think about it? Particularly about the various women in it who took heroic roles, such as Ruth and Naomi, Queen Ester, & Deborah (First female Judge of Israel)? How'd they view Samson in comparison to Hercules? & What did they think of Jesus?

4. Was Superman ever an actual Boy Scout in Young Justice? If so, How does he feel about feminists recently making the Boy Scouts accept girls, instead of just making the Girl Scouts more like the Boy Scouts?

5. Hypothetically speaking, if both the MCU and the DCEU were available in the Young Justice universe, Which one would be more popular overall?