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Agustin Fazio writes...

Hi Greg I'm a big fan of The Spectacular Spider-Man show. It's my favorite iteration of the character and it inspired me to read the original Ditko/Lee comics. So first, thank you.
Now onto the questions
1) I am well aware that you couldn't use Kingpin for copyright reasons and had to replace him with Tombstone. He was supposedly scrapped early on development, but then why does the iTunes descriptions of the episodes mention him and Fisk Industries? And why was he in one of the plot point cards in Spider-Man Re Animated (yes I've looked every frame of it and I'm not ashamed)
2) What was Sable doing during Tombstone's reign? Was she training or something?
3) Was chameleon hired by someone we know or by a stranger to steal the symbiote? And who hired Black Cat?
4) Did Norman survive Final Curtain due to a healing factor or did he fake his death some other way?
Now onto some behind the scenes questions:
5) Did you have a general idea for the plot of each season from the begginigng and then came up with individual subplots or did you come up with the main plot alongisde smaller ideas?
6) Did you have a list of allowed and unnallowed characters and if so which were the ones that made less sense to you?
7) Which was the episode you had the most dun working on?
Well thank you for taking your time to read all my questions. Have a Spectacular day!