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Storyseeker writes...

First of all, forgive me if these questions have already been asked. My question's to do with Gargoyles, or more specifically "Gargoyles 2198".

I wanted to know about what the Children of Oberon were doing during the Space Spawn invasion? I'm assuming Titania still loves her grandson, and wouldn't be happy about him being captured by the Space Spawn? Wouldn't she try and do something for him, or isn't there anything she or her race can do (is the Space Spawn too powerful for even them)?

Did Oberon's Children have any interactions with the Space Spawn, and what were their reactions to each other?

All of the 3rd race seemed arrogant to me, especially Oberon, so I'd be highly curious about how they'd react to meeting another race that was more ancient, powerful and arrogant than even they? And since the Space Spawn have travelled to countless other worlds before, I'm assuming they must have met at least a few other mystical races similar to Oberon and his children?

I also wanted to know one other thing, which was how far does the 3rd race's magic extend? I mean, can they leave earth if need be? Or are they rooted to the planet, meaning they can't leave? Does that mean that their magic can't work in outer space, like if one of them were to be transported off earth, they would find themselves powerless and start to basically fade away and die? And if the Space Spawn did destroy earth, would the 3rd race die too?

Sorry for rambling on. Please answer what you can.