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Sr L writes...

1) ¿Why did Venom still hate Peter Parker in spectacular spiderman?
I know it's some reasonable Venom hate Parker because he was fired by the Connors in the 1st season
But he recovered his job as an assitant of connor in the 2nd season, and he discovered Parker don't call the police because he was spiderman.
2)¿The spider who chopped Parker had a relation with the spider-totems and Ezequiel Zims?
Because in the comics, it was revealed that the powers of spiderman could come of the magic and not of the science, or a mix of the two explication.
3)¿Why Kingpin doesn't appear in the serie?
I thought Sony doesn't have the right of that character, but in The Amazing Spiderman 2 (videogame) Kingpin appeared, also in the previous series of Spidey (Spiderman the new animated series), Kingpin appears and that series also was made by Sony.
4)¿There were hidden references or easter eggs about other marvel heroes and that universe? and ¿In an hypothetical third season would have more directly references?
I know you couldn't use other marvel characters, but in other shows like Spiderman Unlimited, there were references about other marvel heroes like Reed Richards, and that series was made by Fox.
5)¿When Avengers Earth's Mighthiest heroes release, there were plans to conect spectacular universe with that universe, before marvel in his encyclopedia put different numbers of realities?
6)¿The six arms' saga would happen?
In the 1994's series, the six arms' saga develope in two seasons, because Spiderman doesn't know his mutation continue before the second season. So in Spectacular could happen similar, Peter Parker doesn't know his mutation has a second phase and maybe
¿Peter could discovered that in the future?
7)¿Norman Osborn discover the secret identy of Spiderman as Peter Parker in Final Courtain when Norman saw that eye in the mask?
8)¿Spider-woman can appeared on the series?
Perhaps not the 616 Jessica Drew, but in Ultimate universe Jessica Drew is a femenine clone of Peter Parker.
9)¿Can appear other spider-men/women of other universes and alternate timelines in the show?