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Benjamin writes...

Hi. Love Young Justice and I think it is a great show that really showcases the best part of the DC universe. The Legacy Factor is one of its biggest strengths.
A few questions... I guess.
1) The show young Justice derives its name from the young Justice comic. Could there by any chance that one day we could have an episode featuring The four, Cassie Sandsmark, Tim Drake, Conner Kent , Bart Allen and Possibly arrowette too?
2) Similarly, With Troia finally showing up and Garth on earth and A Roy Harper(Will) and Dick and all... is there any chance one day we could have an episode featuring The og teen Titans? (The first five) I know Wally is dead but in case he is brought back, would we ever get an episode like that? Personally, it would be absolutely amazing to many people to have an og Titans fans.
3) Will there be a chance for Ravager to one day appear? I would love that.
4) Black Canary is my fav Dc hero and I love how she has been portrayed here. Would love some more screen time with her.
I know that if you probably do reply to this one day, it would be with a spoiler , no comment but I had to try.
Keep the good work and hope you guys get many more seasons. Cheers