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CGunz13 writes...

I love your work, Greg.

1) In the new Young Jusice season, will we see Kyle Rayner? No spoilers necessary, feel free to be vague. I know a few questions have emerged regarding him; but, I was wondering if this has changed. He's the young lantern many huge comic fans of the 90s (tv shows included) saw as our green lantern. His youthfulness, artistry, and grounded personality would be a great fit for the young team (especially as he tries to learn his powers). His storyline has a lot of potential for world shifting (if the other lanterns are the only ones left, he might represent the future), or if one of them turned (say, Guy Gardner turned into a Red one due to his rage), he could be seen as a replacement and have his own arch. Whatever you decide, I'm sure it'll be great.

2) I noticed you have a book for Magic the Gathering, will you be publishing more with them? It's a great storyline but the magic world needs some fine tuning. It's become a bit stale recently.

Good luck! Thanks again =)