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Anonymous writes...

Watching YJO, and loving it! :D I’m so happy the series is back and back in full-force. It’s probably too early to send in questions, but these aren’t restricted to the third season and some is for “Gargoyles”, so I think it’ll be okay.

1.) With “Young Justice: Outsiders” being successfully renewed, maybe it’s time for fans to start a campaign to finally get “Gargoyles” renewed? I know Disney owns it, but with help from the fans and VAs, maybe making some noise can finally raise the chances of “Gargoyles” continuing?

2.) How come Disney doesn’t do anything with the IP for “Gargoyles”, but doesn’t want to give it to any other company? Is it too much of a business risk, as they don’t want to take the chance to lose profit if the revival falls to bring in revenue or are they too worried that if another company licenses it and produces, they’ll look like fools for the public and suffer a loss of revenue if another company makes a successful revival? Do folks at Disney still hold out hope for the franchise’s comeback?

3.) Are Paula and Sportsmaster officially divorced by the third season? If so, why not?

4.) Jade changes her surname to her mother’s maiden name because of issues with her father. How come Artemis and Paula didn’t do the same, given their own issues with Sportsmaster?

5.) What made the clone Roy changed his name to “Will” (is that short for William, or just Will?)? Also, it seems like Roy is close to Jim and Will now. Does he sees them as his older brothers?